'Joel Osteen Better Not Get One Cent': Trump Thrashed Over Hurricane Cash for Churches Tweet

‘Joel Osteen Better Not Get One Cent’: Trump Thrashed Over Hurricane Cash for Churches Tweet

Trump Panders To His Base…Again

Donald Trump continues his disgustingly overt and obvious pandering to the evangelicals who, for reasons beyond comprehension, support the pussy-grabbing, disability-mocking, POW-denigrating, White Supremacist-adored president. And, because this is Trump, he did it via Twitter.

There is so much that is so very wrong about this tweet – but again, this is Donald Trump, and one should never presume any level of competency when it comes to the current President of the United States.

The tweet follows the news that three churches in Texas sued FEMA for access to relief funding, claiming that FEMA is violating the constitution by denying that funding to faith-based groups.

FEMA funding is provided by taxes, of which churches are exempt.

The fact that churches are suing for FEMA funding comes under even greater scrutiny following the Joel Osteen scandal. The mega-preacher of the Houston-based mega-church notoriously shut the church doors against flood victims following Hurricane Harvey. The doors remained closed until Joel Osteen felt the wrath of the entire internet fall upon his perfectly-coiffed head.

After all, one of the reason why churches remain exempt from taxes is so that they can use that money to do good for those in need – you know, like when people are left homeless and hungry after, say, a natural disaster like, oh, maybe Hurricane Harvey. They are also tax exempt in order to keep that very necessary, healthy boundary between church and state.

Donald Trump, president of the United States of America, seems unaware of all of that. So Twitter had to teach him a lesson.

Trump Attends The University Of Twitter

Of course, using Twitter is probably one of the most sure-fire way to reach Trump, so it’s not a bad place to school him.

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Trump is concerned with one thing only: Keeping his rabid political base firmly under his thumb. And he does so by throwing crumbs like this, while simultaneously trying to enacy legislation that actually hurts his base – like stripping them of healthcare and granting even more obscenely massive tax breaks to the wealthy.

And that certainly includes Joel Osteen.

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