Republican presidential wannabe Marco Rubio told Fox News on Sunday that the Iraq War wasn’t a mistake and that he would repeat that disastrous mistake again.

Fox host Chris Wallace repeatedly asked Rubio if “knowing what we know now” would he still have ordered an invasion of Iraq if he had been president in 2003. However, unlike Jeb Bush, Rubio refused to admit that going to war with Iraq was an error and continuously insisted that war was the correct move.

“It was not a mistake,” Rubio said before making a bizarre analogy to the boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather to somehow make a point about hindsight. Rubio then doubled down.

“The question was whether it was a mistake, and my answer is, it’s not a mistake. I still say it was not a mistake because the president was presented with intelligence that said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, it was governed by a man who had committed atrocities in the past with weapons of mass destruction.”

Of course, as a damning Senate Intelligence Committee report released in 2008 finds, former President George W. Bush and his administration knew that the intelligence they used to drag America into war with Iraq was false.

That report contradicts what Marco Rubio said next:

“We’ve learned subsequently that information was wrong. My answer was, well, at the time, if it had been apparent that the intelligence was wrong, I don’t think George Bush would have moved forward on the invasion.”

The problem for Marco Rubio here is that Bush knew that the intelligence was wrong, but presented it to Congress and the American people as fact so he could justify a war with Iraq as our military was engaged in Afghanistan hunting down Osama bin Laden.

But Rubio still insisted that the Iraq war was not a mistake and that “the world is a better place because Saddam Hussein is not there.”

Here’s the video via Raw Story.

You know who else isn’t in this world anymore because Bush invaded Iraq on false pretenses? Over 4,000 American soldiers whose lives were sacrificed on a lie. A lie that no member of the Bush Administration has been prosecuted for all these years later.

Furthermore, the war cost us trillions of dollars and created a power vacuum in the Middle East that helped give Iran more influence in the region and allowed an even worse terrorist organization known as ISIS to rise. In other words, the Iraq war didn’t make us safer. It created more dangerous threats that we will have to deal with for a long time.

Marco Rubio wants the American people to trust him enough to elect him President of the United States, but he can’t even acknowledge that sending our young men and women to die in a war with Iraq based on false intelligence was wrong. Instead, he denies reality and suggests he would make the same choices to drag America into future wars. When Jeb Bush denied that the Iraq war was a mistake, even many Republicans were quick to distance themselves from him. The pressure from the media and the horror felt by millions of Americans eventually caused Bush to grudgingly agree that we should never have invaded Iraq.

But such shaming has not changed Marco Rubio’s stance at all. He still stubbornly holds on to the neo-conservative attitude that invading Iraq somehow changed the world for the better and that we should repeat the deadly and costly mistake over again in the name of national security and American exceptionalism. And that kind of irresponsible foreign policy should permanently disqualify him and any other Republican who believes the same way from running for public office now or ever again.

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