Marco Rubio's Career Is Over

Marco Rubio’s Career Is Over

Marco Rubio Stands Tall… Then Crumbles

No matter what happens now, Marco Rubio’s career, as he has known it, is over. And based upon one telling moment at the CNN #NeverAgain “Stand Up” Town Hall on Wednesday night, it may just be over for good.

And if you ask me, it should be.

Now I would be remiss not to say – and wrong not to say – that it was incredibly courageous for Marco Rubio to go stand on that stage, and let the auditorium of 7,000+ people focus their anger with his party, on him. It was moment of political courage to step on that stage worthy of Jack Kennedy’s pen. Courage which neither our President Donald Trump, nor Florida Governor Rick Scott were able to muster (although Trump did face students on friendly turf, inside the White House).

And then… his courage faltered under pressure. Asked by a student survivor of the Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School massacre, Cameron Kasky, if he would pledge to stop taking the NRA’s blood money, Rubio failed the ultimate test or true political courage: agreeing not to sell out.

He tried to duck and dodge, to prevaricate, and play with words. But by then the real courage on the stage had taken control, the courage of kids – mere kids – who faced a murderous maniac, and then faced the world, and it’s most powerful people. And one of those kids was not going to let him worm out of it. And instead, he forced Rubio to put himself on the hook.

Now, Rubio made some concessions. He did what other Repubicans didn’t dare to do, and admit his mind had been changed at least a little. And that’s the ONLY reason I hold out any hope that Rubio’s career could be over, only as he’s known it. But one way or the other, as he’s known it, or in total, his career is over.

Watch the moment Marco Rubio refused to promise not to sell out to the NRA: