Protests against Donald Trump have been occurring since it was revealed that he had won the 2016 presidential election back in November. There, many people gathered around Trump Tower (alongside documentary filmmaker Michael Moore) to send the President-elect two clear messages: that his campaign theme of hate would not be accepted by the public, and that there would be active resistance against his policies for the duration of his (hopefully) single term.

That latter promise has been fulfilled in the months since, with there being several large-scale marches against the Trump Administration and its ever-growing list of anti-progressive legislation and scandals. This culminated most notably in the Women’s March on Inauguration Day, during which 3-4 million women marched on Washington, D.C., becoming the largest single-day protest in the process.

Now, we have a new one worth talking about: a march for the impeachment of Donald Trump. As we reported back in May, Trump’s chances of getting impeached increased soon after it was announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller would be launching an independent probe into the possible collusions between his campaign and Russian officials. Since then, the polls have shown that 43 percent of the American people support beginning the impeachment process against the President, which Democratic congressman Al Green began in early June.

As the general election proved last year, it is worth taking what pollsters say these days with a grain of salt, but there is no denying the fact that there is growing dissatisfaction with the performance of the Trump Administration. Thus, a march has been planned later today for the sole purpose of raising support and/or awareness for the impeachment of Trump. And the best part is there will be thousands attending it.

The protest, officially called the “Impeachment March,” will be taking place in Los Angeles at 12:00pm PDT and last three hours. As journalist Laura J. Nelson of the Los Angeles Times reports, it will “start at Pershing Square at noon and end at Fletcher-Bowron Square at Main and Temple streets.”

The Impeachment March will not be entirely independent, as Democratic representative Brad Sherman will also be attending the protest in order to give a speech against the President. Sherman’s presence there, when viewed in conjunction with Al Green’s aforementioned actions, indicates that there is a growing movement within the mainstream Democratic Party to fight the White House and Republican Party to the bitter end.

We wish everyone involved good luck, and hope this act of nonviolent resistance will inspire further, similar acts against Trump.

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