This week has been replete with sickening statements and actions by conservatives everywhere. From Donald Trump calling for an outright ban on Muslims entering America to the continued refusal to call the Planned Parenthood mass shooter a terrorist, it seemed they couldn’t get any worse. That was, of course, until they planned a mass shooting to commemorate the Sandy Hook Massacre.

Mock Mass Shooting At Texas University
The groups and Come and Take It Texas had a very special event planned for Saturday, December 12. Less than two weeks after the San Bernardino mass shooting, which left 14 innocents dead, and only two days before the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre, which left 20 children and 6 teachers dead, the groups will be holding a mock mass shooting.

That’s right: their plans involved going to the University of Texas campus, while students are in the midst of taking final exams, and creating their very own on-campus mass shooting. The New York Daily News reported:

“To create a realistic scenario, fake blood was expected to flow as the sounds of recorded gunshots echoed across campus. ‘Crisis actors’ were hired to play the slain terrorists, while the pro-gun activists [will be] carrying cardboard weapons.”

Of course, these idiots protesters won’t just have cardboard weapons on them. The entire staged mass shooting is to be preceded by a march through Austin with their penises loaded weapons on full display. A statement from the terrorist pro-gun groups was released saying:

“In the wake of yet another mass shooting, one thing is clear: Gun free zones are killing us. These target-rich environments are letting our children be murdered by evil people. Now is the time to stand up, take a walk, and put pressure on politicians to ban gun free zones.”

Of course, we’ve gone in depth to show just how stupid the gun-free zone myth truly is. Of course, since scientific studies keep proving that conservatives are stupid, it’s not surprising that they ignore this logic. As it turns out, however, the demonstration isn’t just about another mass shooting taking place.

Not Just Any Old Mock Mass Shooting
One particularly vocal supporter on the event’s Facebook page decided to handle the duties of the admin as he rested from a long day dealing with media. This individual, Heather Hill, defended the groups’ rights to intrude on the college while students were taking final exams.

Heather has been spotted at other open carry events before. What makes her involvement particularly vile in this instance, though, is the fact that she commented at one point that the event started out as an attempt to remember the victims of Sandy Hook.

You heard right: To remember the 20 children and 6 faculty members gunned down in one of the most horrific mass shootings in history, these people want to pretend to gun down college students on campus. If that doesn’t set your brain into maximum overdrive with pure disgust, you’re very likely not actually breathing.

Fortunately, the University of Texas wasn’t having any of this crap.

Many groups seek to use the university’s facilities each year, and they are all treated equally and turned away… When outside individuals come on campus and violate our rules regarding use of our grounds and facilities, they are asked to leave. If they do not, it becomes a criminal trespass matter. We suggest that any outside organizations planning such events on campus relocate them to other space where they would be allowed.”

Upon hearing the news that his ass would be carted off to jail, a little man founder of both involved “gun-rights” groups had this to say:

“We will move forward with the event on the adjacent public land using [the University of Texas] as the backdrop.”

So to recap, a bunch of gun nuts were told they couldn’t fake a mass shooting, chock full of fake blood and gunshots, on an occupied college campus to commemorate the mass murder of 20 children and their teachers. When denied access to the school, they decided they’d walk across the street and do it anyway.

Welcome to America, people.

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