Nebraska Republican: Female Opponents of Stand Your Ground Law 'Hysterical Ladies' (VIDEO)

Nebraska Republican: Female Opponents of Stand Your Ground Law ‘Hysterical Ladies’ (VIDEO)

Following a hearing to introduce Stand Your Ground language to Nebraska law, Republican State Senator, William Kintner went on his Facebook page and characterized those offering opposing testimony as “Hysterical.”

“It was a pretty short hearing, without the fireworks the media thought might happen. There were just four hysterical (in words, not actions) ladies that testified against it.

Kintner FB page

Where state law already allows for a right of self-defense, according to Nebraskans Against Gun Violence (NAGV), Kintner’s Stand Your Ground law (SYG) extends that right to the point where a shooter needs only to believe he is in danger. He doesn’t have to be correct in that assumption.

Kintner’s “hysterical” comment was clearly an attempt to denigrate anyone opposed to his bill by painting them as radical or unhinged and like so many of the Neanderthals that infest the GOP these days, Kintner is quick to downplay the value of any challenge coming from a woman. But then Kintner is a guy that doesn’t “get” women. Never has. He once described women as the “Biggest Mystery”

”Women. No one understands them. They don’t even understand themselves. Books and books and books have been written about it, and no one understands it.”

So, just how hysterical were these women? They weren’t. All four of them, Amanda Gailey, who represents NAGV, Melody Vaccaro, Courtney Lawton and Danielle Savington calmly and eloquently laid out their concerns with the legislation. They argued that killing a human should not be an easy thing. Ms Gailey said,

“Killing a person should be a last resort SYG inscribes into the law that killing need not be a last resort.”

Ms Lawton reminded us, we live in a civilized society where laws and the justice system prevail. Ms Vaccaro argued that such laws often discriminate in their application.

Kintner had argued that the absence of a Stand Your Ground law can result in an expensive defense for the shooter.

“You get an enterprising lawyer in a civil suit, well why’d you retreat this way, why didn’t you retreat this way, it starts getting very messy and is very expensive to defend yourself.” 

Ms. Savington countered by pointing out that under SYG, that expense is consigned to the state by shifting the burden of proof from the defendant to the prosecution.

Watch the video to see just how passionate a few women can get when they care deeply about a subject.

The Senator may have been pandering to gun groups. Kintner, an NRA stooge who pushes pro-gun legislation has been endorsed by the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association.

Kintner, who quickly deleted his blatantly sexist comments from his Facebook page, realized that social media does not forget:

Kintner is no stranger to foot in mouth disease. There is a Facebook page called Kintner Quotes that is devoted to his history of odd comments.

Is defending yourself with a self-defense plea expensive? Sure it is. It ought to be expensive. It’s still far less expensive than the value of a human life. If you are going to take one of those, you’d better be ready to prove you had a damn good reason to do it. You want to see hysterical? Get a close up of the mother of the next Trayvon Martin.

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