No, Zina Bash was NOT Flashing a "White Power" Hand Symbol at Kavanaugh Hearings

No, Zina Bash was NOT Flashing a “White Power” Hand Symbol at Kavanaugh Hearings

Sometimes, the well meaning internet just goes too far. Vigilant, well meaning folk, eyes peeled for more signs of the all too real creeping fascism in our modern world, particularly with Donald Trump in the White House, spot things that cause the hairs on the backs of their necks to stand up. It’s natural. It’s even good, to be on the look out.

Just today there are new reports from no less than legendary, double Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame, that President Trump considers briefly holding White Supremacists responsible for the violence and murderous terrorist attacks they carried out in Charlottesville, Virginia just over a year ago, to be his “biggest fucking mistake”.

Literally, the President of the United States wishes he hadn’t called out Nazis for terrorism! Clearly, we live in alarming times.

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And that same President is using executive privilege to keep secrets about his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, who just so happens to think that Presidents should be above the law. Just as Trump faces serious investigations into whether or not he, or those around him, committed treason to get into the White House. And even that aside, this President and his administration has been so corrupt in so many ways, and committed such a series of impeachable acts that only a feckless partisan majority Congress like we have now could possibly resist doing it’s duty to impeach him. But there’s a mid-term election fast approaching, and experts think that as long as Democrats get out and vote, the balance of power in Congress will flip to the Democrats, and then Trump is sure to face impeachment proceedings.

So it’s awfully convenient for Trump, just now, to appoint a guy who thinks he should be above the law, to the same court that would ultimately decide the matter. And it’s completely understandable that people might be on edge about that whole thing.

But let’s not get silly.

And silly is exactly what it is to accuse the woman sitting behind Kavanaugh, smirky though she might be, of making the “White Power” sign with her hand, when she’s clearly not. Yes, she’s a 1%er who has apparently made it her life’s work to work for the party of the rich (which loves to preach to the dumbest of the poor). But no, that thing she’s absently doing with her hand is not a white power symbol.

Definitively. Here’s how I know…

Below is a little public service announcement style graphic the American Civil Liberties Union put out some time ago, which is now making the rounds on Twitter again in light of this latest flame up around the white power symbol, showing what the symbol looks like:

Yes, it’s what people of a certain age may remember as being the old circa 1980’s “OK” symbol. But in today’s world, it means white power. And yes, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Now, here’s the video of Bash which is making all the fuss. Compare and contrast, folks. As any objective, honest viewer can see, whatever it is she’s doing with her hand is a definitely NOT the OK symbol or the white power symbol, being short one pinkie finger for either, the whole time.

See that pinkie finger firmly tucked up under her arm? I mean, it’s not drifting up under there, it’s jammed in there. If the symbol doesn’t fit, folks, you must acquit.

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What Bash is actually doing is, just as her husband said, resting her hand in a random fashion. If we really analyze how she’s holding her arm (and I guess we have to), it’s clear that she’s using her thumb and forefinger above, and her pinky finger jammed in between her arm and thigh below, to support the weight of her other arm comfortably.

Speaking of Bash’s husband, he said a few other things over Twitter which should be noted:

Is Bash on team GOP? Yup, seems that way. Does that mean she’s working for an overall evil agenda of taking away access to healthcare, retirement security, workplace safety, fair pay, public schooling and the whole lot that the GOP is always attacking? Yes, seems that way too. Did this half Mexican half Jewish grand daughter of survivors of the Holocaust whose husband offered the kind of clear, unequivocal denunciation of hate groups Trump regretted even briefly giving, throw out a white power sign that just happened to be sideways, upside down, and missing a finger? No.

Now, can we talk about the creepy “I will hunt you down” death stare the actual nominee, mister supposed all American father figure, mister let’s talk about my daughters not what the White House is hiding about my time working for President Bush while I’m about to get one of the most powerful, life long jobs in the world, was giving at that same moment?

Because that’s what really scares me.

Featured image via Youtube.