During 2008, many of our readers may be aware that then-candidate Barack Obama was subject to numerous racially-charged accusations by his conservatives opponents. As they could not directly make bigoted remarks towards him, the solution changed to hiding their disgusting views behind a slew of pseudo-patriotism. That culminated in the formation of the “Birther Movement,” a political campaign to find out whether or not Obama was lying about his natural-born citizenship, and consequently not fit to be the President of the United States.

There were many problems with this “theory,” the first being the fact that there were numerous people that could attest to Obama being born in Hawaii, thus making the complaints oblivious to common sense. There was also the fact that, even if Obama had been born outside the country, his mother’s natural born citizenship would have automatically given him the same rights, similar to the situation Ted Cruz found himself in during the 2016 Republican Primary.

Regardless, there were several figureheads to the Birther Movement that played a significant role in giving it attention. The first was Orly Taitz, a delusional conspiracy theorist that was ironically not even a natural-born American citizen. The second was current President Donald Trump, whose calls for Obama’s birth certificate caused a train of events that lead to him suing comedian Bill Maher. And finally, the last advocate was Joe Arpaio. The sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona from 1993 to 2015, Arpaio was a noted racist, having committed numerous crimes including abusing prisoners through inhumane conditions and racially profiling. His staunch anti-immigrant stances even lead to the American Civil Liberties Union suing him in 2009.

After years of dealing with Arpaio’s hatred, we finally have some good news regarding him: he might be going to jail. It turns out Arpaio was ordered by a federal judge to stop conducting his disgusting immigration round-ups, but ultimately decided not to follow the decree. As such, he has been charged with “criminal contempt of court” and will be potentially facing six months in jail. Keep in mind that Arpaio is 85, meaning he could very well pass away in prison.

The best part is no sane person will miss him. His legacy will be that of a criminal who got away with being a horrible human being. We say good riddance to him.

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