The NRA Took Aim at a CNN Reporter and it Totally Backfired, Blew Up In Their Face

The NRA Took Aim at a CNN Reporter and it Totally Backfired, Blew Up In Their Face

The acronym NRA stands for National Rifle Association, but the NRA hasn’t been just about guns for a very long time. Somewhere along the line the “National Rifle Association” became more about right wing politics, than just gun politics. More and more the NRA stands for fascist policies, racism, and the economic interests of the rich, than just gun rights, or the gun industry.

Sure, they still get in the way of making any kind of progress on dealing with America’s epidemic of machine gun terrorism. They still force Americans to swallow the bitter pill of a so-called “freedom” where weapons of war are used by lunatics and fanatics they enable, to attack schools, movie theaters, concerts, sporting events, and workplaces – really any place, at any time. But, if you look deeper, the National Rifle Association is more about the far right, than rifles, nowadays.

As one internet meme put it, today and acronym N.R.A. could more accurately stand for “Nervous Russian Accomplices”. Because there are now serious questions about whether the NRA took its Republican activism Beyond just classic corruption into the realm of treason comma by laundering money to help Russia and its efforts to meddle in the 2016 election on behalf of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

And now, as that President finds himself under intense scrutiny by the media, the intelligence community, and law enforcement, all looking into his potential treason, Trump has lashed out at all of them as ‘the enemy enemies of the people’, and calling factual news reporting “fake news”. Which are both things only a true enemy of the people, such as a traitor, would say.

And like a true enemy of the people, the NRA has been quick to jump on that bandwagon. In a recent post to their NRA TV account on Twitter, the NRA called CNN’s Jim Acosta a “fake news poster child”, suggesting that he deserved the abuse hurled at him by a practically rabid crowd of Trump supporters, at a recent rally. And even suggesting, incredibly, that in the act of calling out questions, as reporters have done since long before Trump’s Presidency, to the President of the United States — and even North Korea’s murderous dictator Kim Jong-un — is “heckling”. As though the President were a performer on a stage, and not a public servant accountable to the people.

Here’s the ridiculous post…

Acosta, like many other real reporters, has been a thorn in the Trump Administration’s side by insisting on doing such things as asking questions, and reporting the facts, while avoiding softball interviews, refusing to parrot political talking points, or to stand idly by and let lies or political spin go unchallenged.  Things which used to earn a journalist praise for professionalism, and now earns them scorn, and not-really-so-subtle incitements of the always dangerous know-nothing dregs of society to violence against them, by the leader of their cult, and those who echo him.

But as it happens, this ridiculous line of rhetoric has blown up in the NRA’s face, and they’ve found themselves heaped with scorn because of it, as well.

Here are some of the highlights…

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