There are those people out there who think God is the reason for everything — good or bad. They think if they’re safe, that was God. They think if they’re hurt, well, then there’s probably a reason. They think if someone dies, then it was God’s plan. When in doubt, or you don’t have an answer — just say God. It can be a universal explanation for everything when not looking at what actually causes things, and you want to justify things in your head.

Recently, Christian Evangelist Minister Dr. Phil Kidd was in a pretty awful car accident. Instead of just being grateful that he’s alive, and focusing on the health of his wife, who was also in the accident, he decides to take to Facebook to brag about how he was “Sheltered In The Arms Of God…”

via Facebook

“This is what my new Jaguar looked like Sunday night after rolling 4 1/2 times at 65 miles an hour down the interstate.. BUT LISTEN TO THIS…It never messed up my hair. It never unbuttoned my suit coat. It never even moved my Mont Blonc pen from my shirt pocket.
Sheltered In The Arms Of God…”

What he fails to mention in all of his thankfulness for his hair and pen, is the condition of his wife who was also in this terrible accident. According to a Facebook post made by Leslie Kidd after the accident, she said:

“I cannot thank all my friends & family enough for the constant prayers. I saw the spinal surgeon on Tuesday afternoon and I have a fracture in my C-6 & C-7 vertebrae. I will be in a neck brace for at least the next 6 weeks. There is some swelling in my left shoulder causing numbness and tingling down my arm. He said it would go away with time. I am semi-confined to the house and I am not allowed to drive. I thank God we are both alive and able to walk, talk, and move around. After a Dr. visit yesterday, I was able to go to the towing lot and see my car. It is truly a miracle that we walked away. Joann is here and taking good care of us. Our church family is also going beyond the call of duty to make sure we are taken care of. Many of you have messaged me and I am thankful. (For the first days it hurt to talk or just listen). I have read them all and am grateful. Please continue to pray for us.”

via Facebook

Holy crap! I mean if you have the reasoning in your head that you, and even your beloved pen, are safe because the Lord kept you in good favor, what then do you think of how God apparently feels about your wife? Kidd’s wife suffered a terrible spinal fracture. She will likely heal and return back to normal, but to take to Facebook to brag about how you were unharmed because of how much God loves you, and then forget about your wife’s injuries… I’m sorry, sir… you’re a douchebag.

He eventually came out with a video addressing his accident and the condition of his car. However, he still credits God (and Jaguar) with his safety during the car crash.

As an aside, what kind of legitimate minister drives a Jaguar? Aren’t you supposed to live by humble means if you’re to be a true servant of God? Wasn’t it Jesus who said you can’t worship both God and money? And if you believe God does everything for a reason, maybe He was pissed you used your money on a Jaguar instead of serving those who are in need, and decided to flip your car on purpose…. Maybe? Just sayin’.

In all honestly though, I’m glad Dr. Kidd and his wife are alive and recovering.

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