Possible Kavanaugh Eye Witness Comes Forward -- "What I Saw Was Seared Into My Brain"

Possible Kavanaugh Eye Witness Comes Forward — “What I Saw Was Seared Into My Brain”

Tad Low, a New York media entrepreneur who attended Yale at the same time as Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court. Low, who was a junior when Kavanaugh was a senior, claims to be an eye witness to an event he says was so “shocking” it remains “seared” into his brain.

And while Lowe says he has attempted to report what he saw to the FBI, he has found the experience to be extremely frustrating.

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To avoid coloring the recollections of other potential witnesses, or making it difficult for investigators to reliably corroborate his testimony, Low has refused to reveal to the media what he witnessed during a wild party at Kavanaugh’s Fraternity house, DKE, while he and Kavanaugh were students. But during a phone interview with the San Diego Tribune on Monday, the 52 year old Low did say, “I’ve been on this planet for quite some time, and what I saw was seared into my brain.”

The event at issue occured in the 1987-88 academic year, Low said, and helped celebrate the fraternity’s new location, it’s first stand alone residence house. Low says he was not an attendee at the party, and does not know Kavanaugh or any of his accusers, but instead had peeked through a window into the house during the party. And what he witnessed, he said, was horrible enough that, facing the possibility of someone who may have participated ending up on the Supreme Court, he chose to break his silence and risk the consequences of reporting his own peeping, and what he saw, to the FBI.

“It was shocking,” Low told the Daily News.

“I’ve been on this planet for quite some time, and what I saw was seared into my brain.”
“If indeed Kavanaugh was present at the event,” Low said to The News on Monday, “the FBI should investigate.”

Kavanaugh was definitely a member of the DKE Fraternity prior to getting his undergraduate degree in 1987, and at the time of the party was attending Yale Law, and still activelly involved in campus life.

“We know he (Kavanaugh) liked to keep calendars,” Low told The News. “How hard would it be to subpoena the calendar and interview a person I know was inside the party?”

As for his experience trying to report what he witnessed to the FBI, Low said it should be considered an “embarrassment” to the agency. Describing his efforts to the Daily News, Low said he was repeatedly placed on hold, for as long as fifteen minutes, while being trasferred around. Finally what he described as a “low level” FBI employee took down his information, but made no effort to ask follow-up questions, and didn’t even provide Low with a reference number before ending the conversation.

After hours passed without an agent returning his call, Low said he tried another FBI office, and was informed that agents weren’t working over the weekend. He then tried again on Monday, he said, but still had no reply.
“They at least acknowledged they had a record of my call and said it has been ‘submitted out’ accordingly,” Low told The News. “I don’t know, maybe they threw it in trash.”

“They won’t even send me an email confirming I submitted my claim,” Low complained. “They said if I’d like to add additional information, I could wait on hold for another 30 minutes.”

Low said he was concerned that the investigation might not be serious. “If it’s true the White House and (Senate Judiciary) Committee are truly serious about learning all they can, why not at least set up a special Kavanaugh hotline or dedicate some agents?”

And while Low said he isn’t sure his report would lead to anything significant related to Kavanaugh, he feels it could, and is worried that the “clock is ticking.”

“If it’s just one week, can we get some manpower?” he lamented.

“The phone thing was really embarrassing,” Low said, “all the waiting on hold, listening to the bad elevator music.”
In his Monday interview with the San Diego Tribune Low said he also contacted Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein.

“It would be great to hear back,” Low told The News. “I did reach out to (the senators) with full details of my account.”
Low also expressed to the Tribune his hope that the probe will be thorough and investigators will follow up on his report.

Brett Kavanaugh is Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. The nomination was expected to skate through to an easy confirmation, in spite of questions surrounding the timing of Kennedy’s retirement, and controversy over whether any new member of the Supreme Court should be seated while the President who nominated him is under Special Counsel investigation for possible treason.

Republicans blocked former President Obama’s final nominee to the court, Merrick Garland, claiming in contrast to the Constitution that a President with under a year left in his term should not be allowed to appoint new members to the Supreme Court. But now, although President Trump is under investigation and could face impeachment within a year, Republicans are trying to push through Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

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And the retirement of Justice Kennedy, which was engineered by the Trump Administration, has come under a cloud of suspicion related to Deutsche Bank, which Kennedy’s son Justin Kennedy led when the bank made over $1 Billion dollars in questionable loans to Donald Trump.

Still, it was only when multiple women came forward to accuse Mr. Kavanaugh of assaulting or attempting to assault them sexually, that Kavanaugh’s confirmation lost steam. The accusations against Kavanaugh show a pattern during Kavanaugh’s youth of assaulting women while intoxicated. All of his accusers claim to have been victimized by Kavanaugh during drunken parties in the 1980’s, while they and Mr. Kavanaugh were students in High School or College.

Kavanaugh denied the claims vehemently, and Republicans have complained that the charges are ginned up to destroy his chances of confirmation to the lifetime seat on the nation’s highest court. However, under oath Kavanaugh admitted that he very much liked beer.

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Republicans have argued that without proof of an assault, Kavanaugh’s youthful drinking is a non-issue, but have also resisted allowing witnesses to testify. And while President Trump has ordered the FBI inquiry reopened, he has also hampered it by mandating a very narrow scope of investigation, and giving the FBI only 7 days to complete the full investigation.

According to comments by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the GOP intends to push the confirmation through to a vote this week, even before the President’s short deadline for the FBI to complete it’s investigation.

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