Pro-Lifers: If You REALLY Want To Stop Abortions, QUIT VOTING REPUBLICAN! Here's Why...

Pro-Lifers: If You REALLY Want To Stop Abortions, QUIT VOTING REPUBLICAN! Here’s Why…

No One Likes Abortions

Let’s get one thing straight – no one, not even the most liberal liberal – likes abortions. So disliking abortions is something folks on both side of the aisle can agree upon.

However, while Republicans push an agenda that would simply remove the option for a woman to choose a safe, legal abortion, Democrats put forth policies that actually reduce abortion. Republicans may be loud about their belief in the sanctity of life, but they do absolutely nothing meaningful about it.

In other words, if you truly believe that life begins at conception, and that all life, even unborn life, is sacred, you should support policies that actually reduce the rates of abortion.

And you’ll find that under Democrats.

Let’s take a look at the facts.

Abortions By The Number

Under the “pro-life” presidency of that Republican saint, Ronald Reagan, the number of abortions rose at a steady rate. They reached their highest level under President George H.W. Bush.

And then a Democrat took office.

Under Bill Clinton, abortion rates fell by 60 percent. More than half.

That dramatic, downward turn in the rate of abortions largely stalled under President George W. Bush’s tenure, and then began to increase. And then President Barack Obama took office, and guess what?

The number of abortions plunged again, falling to their lowest point in 40 years.

These Figures Are Significant

And it’s not a coincidence that abortions plunge under Democrats and skyrocket under Republicans.  Poverty is one of the largest indicators of whether or not a woman will have an abortion. We know that 75 percent of women who get abortions make less than $23,000, and half make less than $11,000. The second largest factor in a woman’s decision to abort is due to the fact that the pregnancy was unintended.

Let’s take a guess at which party focuses on reducing both poverty and unintended pregnancies? We have one party  that fights tooth and nail to cut medical care for families living in poverty, has made dramatic cuts to programs that literally puts food in the bellies of hungry children, and fights to block contraceptive coverage as well as access to health clinics.

And then we have the Democrats. Democrats are better at alleviating poverty, and supporting programs that educate women, as well as giving them access to health care. All of these policies drastically reduce the rate of abortion.

Let’s Talk About Roe v. Wade

“But what about Roe v. Wade?” your Republican friends will ask. “We want that overturned.”

It’s not going to happen. And when a GOP politician stands up there and says it’s gonna happen, it’s a political stunt.

Take a look at President George W. Bush’s tenure. Eric Sapp of the Christian Post writes:

“(…)President George W. Bush’s tenure is so informative. Under Bush, Republicans controlled the House and Senate, and 2/3 of the Supreme Court. Bush had sky-high public approval following 9-11, and he and Congressional Republicans owed their 2004 re-election to the overwhelming support from church-going evangelicals and Catholics. And what did Republicans do to overturn Roe or in any meaningful way limit abortion? Nothing.”


And when bills are put forth, no one expects those bills to pass.

And If It Were Overturned?

And what if it did somehow pass, and states were allowed to make the choice of whether or not women would be allowed to choose?

The numbers there are compelling, as well.

Only 10 percent of all abortions take place in states where there were major, serious attempts to place strict limits on abortions. So if  those states did choose to outlaw abortions, and we assume that no woman was able to cross state lines in order to get one, then, at the very best, it would achieve a 10 percent reduction in abortion rates.

In comparison, there is 40 years worth of data that clearly shows Democratic policies that decrease the number of women living in poverty saves three times as many pregnancies. And if contraceptive access is increased, family leave provided, prenatal and postnatal care improved, abortions would be cut by 50 percent or more.

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That is huge. That is pro-life.

Want To Reduce Abortions? Be A Democrat

This is more than statistically significant. It is telling. It is compelling. It is the truth. And if you treasure life, if you believe life does begin at conception, if you base your vote on the party you believe to be pro-life, you should be voting straight Democrat.

Every time.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images