More Evidence of Trump’s Obstruction of Justice — and Mueller is All Over It!

After President Trump’s attorney general Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation in March of last year, he got the silent treatment from a President furious that Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI was conducting an investigation on him. Meanwhile, according to The New York Times, Jeff Sessions was trying to get a response from the President about his decision on his travel ban.

The President wouldn’t respond to any of his calls for two days. So, the attorney general flew to Florida to his Mar-a-Lago resort to discuss the matter directly. It was then that President Trump gave him anything but the silent treatment. Outraged, Trump berated Sessions and demanded that he reverse his initial recusal from the Russia investigation.

A Larger Case for Obstruction

It has already been reported that the President was outraged by his attorney general’s recusal. That alone gives us enough insight into the President’s determination to obstruct justice.

In fact, in recent months, President Trump has ramped up his efforts to obstruct in plain sight. He’s continued to declare that the investigation against him as a “witch hunt”, while the same investigation is finding real “witches”, including some who have plead guilty.

Thus far, the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has been targeted by the administration as well as by House Republicans. In recent months, those Republicans, along with Trump, have called for the impeachment of Sessions’ deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.

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There’s every indication at this point that those Republicans are trying to stop the investigation on behalf of Trump. Even the President’s personal lawyer has himself declared Robert Mueller’s investigation “illegitimate.”

Mueller Has Trump on Obstruction of Justice

We’ve known since last year that Mueller’s investigation is looking into possible obstruction of justice by President Trump. Now, now that seems much more likely. And now the NY Times reported that Trump wanted loyalty from Sessions, to reverse his recusal and remain in his position in order to protect him.

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It has also been reported that the President tried to convince White House counsel Don McGahn to stop Sessions from recusing himself, for which he was clearly unsuccessful. But the report says that Mueller is definitely looking at these details surrounding the President’s demands as intent to obstruct justice. Initially, it’s been said that the intent is important in order to build the case. There’s no question of that intent now.

Here’s an MSNBC segment on the NY Times report:

Featured image by Pete Souza, the Obama White House/Flickr.