Putin Defiantly Reveals New Russian Smart Nuke With Unlimited Range (VIDEO)

Putin Defiantly Reveals New Russian Smart Nuke With Unlimited Range (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his State of the Nation address today. American presidents typically use their annual address to highlight policy initiatives, whether proposing new ones or patting themselves on the back for accomplished ones. Sometimes, they take jabs at the opposition party while simultaneously pandering to the crowd for standing ovations. Putin had a different agenda. He is already assured of re-election later this month, and those who oppose him have a peculiar habit of ending up dead. Instead, today Russia challenged the United States to a rematch of the Cold War.

with new weapons, Putin dubs Russia the premier nuclear superpower

President Trump has been too busy lately playing defense against the sanctions Congress sought to impose on Russia or denying Putin’s involvement in Trump’s 2016 election win seven times in the response to a single question. In his free time, between tweets, firings, and cheeseburgers, the president’s geopolitical focus has been on North Korea. He sent Vice President Mike Pence and then first daughter Ivanka Trump to South Korea for the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies respectively…to have them sit somberly and give dirty looks to Kim Yo-jong, the sister of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the North’s official representative at the Games.

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In his address, Putin confirmed (bragged) that Russia had successfully tested a new generation of nuclear weapons. The premier tool in the updated arsenal is a nuclear-powered cruise missile that has a range so great it is effectively unlimited. He also touted a new class of missiles capable of traveling at hypersonic speed, which would make them invulnerable to American missile defenses like Aegis, Patriot, and THAAD. Many of the new missiles could be launched from underwater drones.

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Putin said new weapons were developed in response to America’s refusal to heed Russian concerns about missile defense systems installed in Europe and Asia which Putin felt undermined existing nuclear parity.

“The United States’ refusal to listen to Russia’s concerns about the shield, which Moscow has voiced for well over a decade, had forced it to develop a deterrent that could overcome any conceivable kind of missile defense. No one listened to us. Listen to us now.”

For what its worth, U.S. officials say the missile is not a secret, but one they have been monitoring for a while, and that they are convinced is still not operational.

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“The missile was still in research and development and had crashed in testing more than once, including during a test in the Russian Arctic.”

Video of Putin’s address can be found below.

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