BREAKING: Putin & Trump Had Secret Hour Long Meeting

BREAKING: Putin & Trump Had Secret Hour Long Meeting

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had an undisclosed, informal hour long meeting after the well publicized 2 plus hour long meeting the two shared, at the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, Germany recently. Why the second meeting was kept secret is unknown, but why it’s coming to light now could have something to do with a leak of photos of First Lady Melania Trump dining Putin at a G20 dinner, as well as a newsletter to clients of the New York based Eurasia Group, whose President Ian Bremmer wrote about the meeting.

Reporters in the press pool that travels with the President were not informed of the meeting, and the only account of the conversation given to White House aides was President Trump’s personal account, said a source who spoke to the Washington Post on condition of anonymity.

Bremmer told the Post by phone the two unnamed leaders who participated in the G20 event who witnessed the meeting said that the conversation was animated, and held out of listening range of other participants, but in full view. The witnesses characterized their reaction to the meeting as “bemused, non-plussed, befuddled”, despite it being common practice, as one Senior European official whose leader was at the meeting told the Post, for leaders to circulate or “withdraw to a corner” at such events.

The second meeting which the White House did not disclose took place when, halfway through the meal President Trump left his seat to take one next to Putin. At the time Putin sat alone with his interpreter, who provided the only translation, as President Trump’s only interpreter was an English to Japanese interpreter, ostensibly because Trump’s official dinner companion was intended to be Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Of course, this raises questions about the already too-close-for-comfort relationship between Presidents Trump & Putin, particularly in the midst of the scandal regarding possible collusion between the Russians, and the Trump Campaign.

Watch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Report on the secret dinner:

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