The Boycott Is Starting To Irritate Hannity

Last Sunday we reported on the Keurig company pulling its advertising for Sean Hannity’s aptly named propaganda show, “Hannity.” This came about in large part because of a massive backlash against his fawning interview with Alabama Republican candidate Roy Moore, who faces severe accusations and disturbing circumstantial evidence regarding carnal criminal acts towards minors. In the interview, Hannity, being the quintessential political hack that he is, suggested that Moore’s sexual activities with these women could be seen as consensual, going against the word of the victims who claim otherwise.

What we did not report was the name of the person who started this subtle boycotting of Fox News shows; Angelo Carusone, the President of Media Matters for America. Through simple actions like messaging on Twitter, Carusone has begun to hit the conservative network where it really hurts: in the monetary department. For years Fox News has thrived on providing blatantly false information to the American public. Without the funds to continue supporting these outlets, Fox could very well go the route of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze — where layoffs are needed.

Keurig was attacked by Hannity’s delusional base, but the action prompted a widespread boycotting campaign that Carusone has been instrumental in promoting. While speaking on CNN, Carusone gave his reasoning for his actions, noting that it was not politically motivated, but instead driven by ethics:

“But when you’re faced with an entity that doesn’t have any accountability, you have two choices: Do nothing and continue to endure the destructive consequences of it or appeal to a higher power. In this case, it’s the advertisers. And I would remind everybody, that that was required in the case of Bill O’Reilly. Fox News had re-signed his contract and had no intention, even knowing all the things that he had done, of forcing him off the air. It need to be forced.”

Hannity has, of course, not let this initiative go unnoticed. But what we did not expect was that he would pull a Donald Trump and go on a massive Twitter storm, attacking Carusone and CNN by sharing out random pictures of the Clintons with the same caption under it: “RACIST, BIGOT, AND ANTI-SEMITE PRES. OF @[email protected] WHY DO YOU VICTIM SHAME? WHY DON’T YOU SUPPORT WOMEN OF ABUSE?”

This is our new reality, folks. Is “America Great Again,” yet?

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