Rand Paul is at it again. Trolling on Twitter in a desperate attempt to be funny and appeal to younger voters.

It would maybe be funny if it weren’t so sad and pathetic. Paul in yet another attempt to troll Hillary Clinton on Twitter has just tweeted a make-believe “to do” list that supposedly belongs to the former Secretary of State.

My response attached to this tweet from [email protected] https://t.co/58Lw5i9FDx pic.twitter.com/mMDGW7k0lG— Dr. Rand Paul (@RandPaul) May 12, 2015

He tries to cleverly say that Clinton’s May/June plans include:

Sign off on new private server location
Hire next stage of reporters to avoid real questions
Finalize plan to evade Benghazi testimony
Final update of foreign “contributions” list
How does the phrase go? “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

In his effort to appear clever, he’s missing just a couple of things — facts.

This isn’t the first time Paul has gone after Clinton, either. Back in January, the junior Senator from Kentucky posted a pretend “secret tape” that was supposedly a fake phone call between Hillary and Jeb Bush. The pathetic attempt at being funny went something like this:

Bush: “Hey, Hill. It’s Jeb.”

Clinton: “Hey, Jeb. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

Bush: “Well, it’s true — I’m thinking about running for president.”

Clinton: “Well, Jeb, so am I.”

Bush: “I just wanted to call and give you a heads up in hopes we could work something out.”

Clinton: “What do you mean, Jeb? It’s clearly my turn: Bush, Clinton, Bush. Now, Clinton.”

Bush: “Well, Hillary, there hasn’t been a Republican White House without a Bush since 1977, and we’re ready to be back.”

Clinton: “Let me shoot straight with you, Jeb, OK? Bill and I are dead broke and need a place to stay. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is calling me home — I’ve still got the back door key. Being president offers a lot more job security than writing another memoir.”

Bush: “Well, the Bushes have weathered attacks before. And, READ MY LIPS, Hillary: We’re not backing down this time.”

Clinton: “Well, you’re right — maybe we can work something out. We both agree on so many issues: bigger government, Common Core and amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

Bush: “Well, we’ve both got problems. You’ve got problems with the grass roots, and I’ve got all those damn conservatives. What say, we make a deal?”

[Call beeps in.]

Bush: “Sorry, Hillary, but I have to go. Mitt keeps calling.”

Clinton: “Oh, for crying out loud.”

Needless to say, he shouldn’t quit his day job. Correct that, he should totally quit his day job, but I wouldn’t recommend going into comedy writing.

I’m sure this won’t be the last of Paul’s attempts at comedy, but here’s to hoping he at least hires some people who are funny to help him out.

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