The Look On Trump’s Face Was Telling…

Former-reality-star-turned-President Elect Donald Trump didn’t look somber or solemn during his first White House Meeting with President Obama – he looked terrified.

And the fact that Trump looked terrified may be the first sane reaction the man has had during this entire fiasco.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump “seemed surprised” by the enormity of responsibilities that come along with the title of Commander-in-Chief.

It’s almost as if running as a “complete outsider” with absolutely zero experience in politics or governing, and a poor grasp on the Constitution, may not have been the best idea, after all. And Donald Trump, as truly ignorant as he may be about what it actually takes to be President of the United States, seems to at least grasp the enormity of what he has done.

Obama meets with Donald Trump in first post-election meeting

— Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) November 10, 2016

And it obviously scares him.

Trump and his team did not even know that the entire West Wing staff would need to be replaced.

Trump Will Receive Extra ‘Counseling’ From Obama

Yet by pulling in Reince Preibus as one top staff choice, and white nationalist Steve Bannon, neither of whom have any executive governing experience, Donald Trump seems to also be signaling that he has no idea what he is doing…and doesn’t care that much.

But Obama, who has always been at heart a true and complete patriot, a man of grace and class who understands that if Trump fails, America suffers, will spend more time “counseling” Trump about the presidency than what is traditionally normal.

Despite fighting on opposite teams in an election that will be known for its ugliness, Obama and Trump did manage to strike a rather civil tone with one another – at least, while in the public eye.

“I want to emphasize to you, Mr. President-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds,” Obama told Trump.

Obama Will Help Trump…But His Opinion Hasn’t Changed

Later, after the meeting, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest made it clear, however, that Obama’s opinion on Trump has not changed.

“Look, the president’s views haven’t changed. He stands by what he said on the campaign trail,” Earnest told reporters. “He had an opportunity to make his argument. He made that argument vigorously. He made that argument in states all across the country.”

Body language expert Patti Wood analyzed both men’s body language. She described Obama as “extremely fatigued, resigned and not hopeful,” while Trump was “tentative, serious and perhaps fearful.”

Yes…fearful over the fact that he actually won the election and has to do the entire President thing. It is a terrifying concept.

Wood stated that it was Trump’s hands, often held in what is described as a “downward prayer” position, as well as the fact that Trump would hold his own hands as he spoke, which tells her that Trump is frightened.“My read is that he has learned something he didn’t know before. It’s a tentative hand position.”

She added, “Trump holds his own hands as he begins speaking which is an indication he needs to comfort himself.”

Maybe America needs to hold its own hand…we could use some comfort, too.

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