The Mueller Winter Is Coming

In the 7-8 months since Trump took office, he has proven himself to be a crony reiteration of the Bush Administration. Trump ran on a campaign of pseudo-populism, promising to end the political charades of Washington, D.C. by draining the swamp, standing up to other countries, and making America great again.

It was all a con, but many citizens in the integral Rust Belt area ended up falling for it. Alongside this, the Trump Campaign actively worked to denigrate the opposing Clinton Campaign run by the Democratic Party. Through confirmed reports, we know that Trump’s oldest son Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin lawyer in order to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, meaning that there was direct collusion in addition to the numerous other connections between past and present members of the current Trump team with Russian officials.

These ties coincidentally line up with the fact that Russian cyberterrorists launched a propaganda and hacking campaign in order to influence the results of the election against Clinton and in favor of Trump. To quote cybersecurity expert Richard A. Clarke, it was “the 21st century equivalent of having the Russians landing Marines on the New Jersey shore.”

Because of this, former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed as an independent special counsel to look into the so-called “Russiagate” scandal and get to the bottom of things. Mueller, with the support of both parties, has been conducting his probe since May and made great headway. Hiring a team of expert lawyers and investigators, Mueller has been looking into everything that could possibly have affected the 2016 elections, from raiding Paul Manafort’s home to subpoenaing members of the Trump Administration to even looking into Trump’s businesses.

All of this has been adding up to what Democrats are hopeful will be enough evidence for a successful impeachment hearing. And according to a new report from “Axios” that day may be coming sooner than anyone thought. In conversations between White House aides and Axios journalists Mike Allen and Jonathan Swan there is a level of certainty towards what is going to come about from Mueller’s targeting of the Oval Office itself:

“Republicans close to the White House say every sign by Mueller — from his hiring of Mafia and money-laundering experts to his aggressive pursuit of witnesses and evidence — is that he’s going for the kill.”

We cannot wait to celebrate the day Mueller’s team drops the news on Trump and his band of Merry Men.

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