Russia Probe Expands as Mueller Targets West Wing

REPORT: Russia Probe Expands as Mueller Targets West Wing

There have been a lot of events happening in the news lately. With the North Korea missile crisis and the recent right-wing terrorism at the University of Virginia, people may have forgotten that the key to ending all of this is still very active. We are referring, of course, to Robert Mueller’s investigation. Hired as a special counsel to look into the possible collusion between Russian officials and the Trump Campaign, Mueller has proved to be consistently concerning to Trump. After all, if he manages to find evidence of a link between the two, Trump could face impeachment charges, something that has already been brought up by Democratic congressman Al Green.

Trump, to his credit, is a master of distractions. During the campaign trail, he managed to successfully divert attention away from all his scandals, including the Trump University scams and the Billy Bush leaked interview. Whether or not something happens with North Korea is up for debate, but there is a good chance that Trump is merely emphasizing it in order to prevent the media from looking into any further developments of the Russia probe.

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Such was the case yesterday, where The New York Times’s Michael S. Schmidt, Matt Apuzzo, and Maggie Haberman brought forward an interesting news piece: Mueller is expanding the investigation into the lion’s den itself, the West Wing. For those unaware, the West Wing is a term used to refer to the main bureaucracy of the White House. It is where all the main executive offices are housed, including the Oval Office and Cabinet Room.

Specifically, Mueller is looking into interviewing all senior officials of the Trump Administration, both current and former. And if you have been keeping up with the news, you would know Trump’s Administration is literally being run like a business, to the point where people like Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci get fired within a week.

One of Mueller’s targets is Reince Priebus, the former White House Chief of Staff who has been a thorn in everyone’s side since serving as Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2011-2017. Priebus, in a lot of ways, helped to ruin Trump’s initial appeal as a populist given his establishment roots within the GOP, and caused further dissent within the already chaotic White House. Given how closely he worked with Trump, this indicates that Mueller’s investigation is getting closer to ending, which would correspond with recent reports of Mueller opening a grand jury.

Whatever happens, we trust the former FBI director with his decisions.

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