Ret. Army Colonel was Asked About a Trump Civil War - His Response will Scare You

Ret. Army Colonel was Asked About a Trump Civil War – His Response will Scare You

Wilkerson has some words of warning

Lawrence Wilkerson is a retired U.S. Army colonel who previously served as the Chief of Staff for Bush’s Secretary of State Colin Powell. He became famous back in 2005 for being one of the first outspoken skeptics (and later critics) of the Iraq War, a position he has continued to hold.

As such, his anti-warhawk stance has put him in conflict with the Trump Administration, which he has publicly demeaned for its foreign policy blunders and compared to a “mafia family.”

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On the post-show segment of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, called the “Overtime,” host Bill Maher and fellow panelist and documentarian Michael Moore were discussing the idea of another civil war brought about by Trump calling upon his cult of gun-toting followers in the event that his power was put in jeopardy, such as through impeachment.

The question then turned to what the military would do in response to a violent revolt, given that the military would be obligated to follow Trump as Commander-in-Chief.

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Moore threw the discussion over to Wilkerson, who admitted that he had had a similar conversation with a sitting Senator who asked him what the military would do, to which Wilkerson had been unable to provide an answer. Wilkerson then went on to cite a sociology study that found that not only had the gap between rich and poor Americans serving in the military grown exponentially, but also military families that had suffered from personal sacrifice were more likely to vote for Trump:

“There’s a political result of what we’re doing right now which is letting poor people die overseas or get horribly wounded or get post-traumatic stress for the rest of us.”

It’s a strange phenomenon given that Trump represents both these problems: a rich American that used a nonsensical excuse to get out of fighting for his country, while continuing to champion hawkish policies that only get more soldiers hurt. But it is a real association that the Democratic Party will have to come to terms with if they want to regain popular appeal among military families.

Check out the video of Wilkerson speaking below:

Featured image a screen capture from Real Time with Bill Maher/YouTube.