Robert Reich Has Been Waiting To Meet A Trump Supporter

Robert Reich has no patience for Trump supporters— especially not those who use the tired “businessman” argument.

We’ve heard it before. Press a Trump supporter into a corner and confront them with the facts that they support a candidate who is openly racist, blatantly xenophobic, overtly misogynistic and proudly ignorant, and they’ll almost always rest their conviction on the idea that Trump is a good businessman. But it’s not true, and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich refuses to buy it.

According to a Facebook post, Reich met a Trump supporter on his way to buy coffee. The man had a Trump bumper sticker on his car – which, the famed economist wrote, he was a bit defensive about.

But in his open, friendly manner, Reich expressed his curiosity and asked the man why he was supporting Trump.

The Trump supporter admitted to knowing that his candidate was “a bit much,” but defended his choice with, “But he’s a successful businessman. And we need a successful businessman as president.”

Robert Reich, author of Saving Capitalism: For The Many, Not The Few, then asked the Trump supporter how he knows Trump is actually successful.

Robert Reich Destroys The Myth Behind The (Orange) Man

Because, the Trump supporter asserted, “he’s made a fortune.”

The rest of the exchange was simply priceless.

“Has he really?’ I asked.

“Of course. Forbes magazine says he’s worth four and a half billion.”

“That doesn’t mean he’s been a success,” I said.

“In my book it does,” said the Trump supporter.

“You know, in 1976, when Trump was just starting his career, he said he was worth about $200 million,” I said. “Most of that was from his father.”

“That just proves my point,” said the Trump supporter. “He turned that $200 million into four and a half billion. Brilliant man.”

“But if he had just put that $200 million into an index fund and reinvested the dividends, he’d be worth twelve billion today,” I said.

The Trump supporter went silent.

“And he got about $850 million in tax subsidies, just in New York alone,” I said.

More silence.

“He’s not a businessman,” I said. “He’s a con man. Hope you enjoy your coffee.”

Boom. That’s how it gets done, folks.

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