Sessions Facing the Axe, Insiders Say - And Who Trump Has in Mind to Replace Him is Outrageous

Sessions Facing the Axe, Insiders Say – And Who Trump Has in Mind to Replace Him is Outrageous

Sessions is reportedly passing the point of no return in the Trump Administration

According to Republican insiders, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on his way to being the next person to get the ax from President Donald Trump, with his planned replacement being none other than EPA Director Scott Pruitt.

Though it hasn’t even been two years since Trump took office, the constant terminations and shifting positions of cabinet members and executive officials has made his motivations blatantly obvious. Trump only wants people who agree with him, and if pressuring people à la James Comey doesn’t work, he outright fires them.

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Sessions has not been on anyone’s favorites list: every Senate Democrat at the time except Joe Manchin voted against him, and a video has surfaced in the past detailing his blatant racism. However, he has done one good thing, and that is resisting the push to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

To clarify, The President has not publicly stated his wishes for Mueller to be fired, but plenty of reports from insiders indicates otherwise. And considering Trump allegedly dismissed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson over supporting the accusation that Russia killed a former spy of theirs in the United Kingdom via a nerve agent, it seems clear that he has no patience for anything that has to do with the Russian Federation.

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Now, a Saturday Night Massacre 2.0 could occur if Pruitt also refuses to act on the Mueller situation, but that seems unlikely given a couple of facts. One, Pruitt has had no apparent problem with the President or his agenda, and has even infamously defended Trump against criticisms by Chris Wallace on Fox News back in April 2017. And two, between January 2011 and February 2017, Pruitt served as the Attorney General of Oklahoma where he used his position to fight for the same things the President now advocates.

In other words, Pruitt is a “yes man,” and one that will continue to dangerously serve Trump should this change happen. As stated before, Sessions is no prize, but on the one position that could result in Trump getting impeached, he is needed.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images