Sources: Trump 'May Not Have Known' America Had 11,000 Troops In Qatar Before Insulting Them

Sources: Trump ‘May Not Have Known’ America Had 11,000 Troops In Qatar Before Insulting Them

Trump’s Qatar Tweet May Be Worse Than We Thought

According to reports by MSNBC, President Donald Trump may not have been aware that the United States has around 11,000 troops stationed in Qatar before openly slamming the country on Twitter.

Trump, without forethought or foresight or, it seems, even basic common knowledge, made several tweets regarding a decision made by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirate, along with Bahrain , Egypt, Yemen, Libya and the Maldives, to cut ties with Qatar. The move itself was reportedly initiated because of a fake news story that officials in the country have denied.

And Donald Trump, in a rush to make another desperate claim that he is somehow “winning” despite an unraveling presidency and poll numbers that are diving ever-deeper, tweeted out the following.

But as Donald Trump sent out those tweets in apparent support of the decision made by Saudi Arabia and others, it appears he remained unaware that the US maintains their biggest US military base in the Middle East in Qatar. Al Udeid Air Base is crucial to the fight against ISIS, and currently houses 11,000 US troops – facts which reportedly may have escaped the president.

Qatar Houses 11,000 US Troops

“I would love to know what the president’s dealings with the situation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia was today because [Trump] almost set the region on fire on Twitter,” Brian Williams of MSNBC noted. “A person familiar with his thinking told us both yesterday they’re not sure the president knew there were Americans stationed in Qatar.”

You can see the footage here.


Donald Trump’s misguided and uninformed tweets regarding a delicate situation in foreign relations escalated the entire situation in Qatar. Trump later reached out to the Emir of Qatar and offered the help and support of the United States in “smoothing out relations with other Middle Eastern nations.” But even as Trump extended an offer to help, the country was forced to place its police force on the highest level of alert, already fearing a military incursion from Saudi Arabia.

Trump’s offer was, in other words, too little, too late.

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