'Steaming Pile of Poo': Morning Joe Tears Into Trump Lies (VIDEO)

‘Steaming Pile of Poo’: Morning Joe Tears Into Trump Lies (VIDEO)

Morning Joe Mocks Trump Over His Constant Lies

Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski laid into President Donald Trump and the never-ending lies coming from the current administration.

From day one, the current administration has jettisoned the truth in favor of whatever simply gets them through the day. No, there was no meetings with the Russians. Well, yes, there were some meetings with the Russians but all that was discussed was adoption. Certainly there was no collusion. Ok, so yes, maybe there was some collusion, but hey, it’s all just politics, anyone would have colluded with a hostile foreign country in order to gain an advantage during an election, right?

The Trump administration lies, and they lie some more, constantly denigrating the office of the presidency and downgrading the status of the United States of America on the global stage.  But they don’t care. At this point, the entire focus of the presidency is keeping various Trumps out of legal trouble. The rest of the country – and the rest of the world – be damned.

The president is embroiled in more scandals than most Americans can keep track. There’s Russia, of course – that one ain’t going away, no matter how loudly Trump screams “fake news.” From the central Russian scandal, several more scandals splinter off. Don Junior meeting with Russians. The president’s fury over AG Jeff Sessions’ recusal. The idea that the president may try to find a way to fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller. There’s been the whole Boy Scout Jamboree speech fiasco. And now, a lawsuit alleging that the president worked with Fox News in order to push the Seth Rich conspiracy theory.

And these are just from the past month or so.

For Trump, When In Doubt, Lie

The president’s response to all of this has been to lie. To Trump, his presidency has been reduced to one singular task: Survive.

But in just one minute, Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski lay the president out for the liar that he is. Seeming to mimic Maury Povich and his iconic, “The lie detector determined that that is a lie!” line, Joe and Mika went through some of Trump’s latest blatant falsehoods. In fact, at one point, Joe refers to all of it as “a steaming pile of poo.”

You can watch the brilliant take down in the clip below.

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The entire segment is worth watching, and can be seen in the video embedded below.

Trump – and his entire administration – have gained nothing from their lies. The only accomplishment the lying has achieved is a diminished presidency.

But the president doesn’t care about that. Trump, after all, only cares about Trump. And that is the defining factor in his presidency.

Featured image composite by Reverb Press: Joe Scarborough & Mike Breshinski,, screenshot, Youtube; Trump graffiti by Hanksy, CC0 1.0 – Public Domain.