Swedish Climate Minister Humiliates Trump Administration In Two Ways

Sweden Just Made History – And Trolled Trump In Two HUMILIATING Ways While They Were At It

The Swedish Climate Minister Just Destroyed Trump On his own turf

As is to be expected from any Republican president, the Trump Administration has continued the long-standing GOP obsession with destroying climate change initiatives and women’s rights. From Trump promising to bring back dirty, useless coal jobs to appointing a Supreme Court justice that has a strong “pro-life” stance, it is clear he planning on ruining all the progressive advancements in this country.

The 2017 Women’s March was a strong example of the American people fighting back against this corrupt individual, but what is arguably more impressive are the numerous foreign states that are standing up to Trump’s behavior, including Germany, France, and England.

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The latest country to join that ever-growing list is Sweden. Today, Isabella Lövin, the Swedish Deputy Prime Minister and Climate Minister, signed a law that fought back against Trump’s disgusting obsession with coal by promising to phase out the dirty fuel by the year 2045.

What made this decision have an even bigger punch, however, was the photo Lövin chose to illuminate the law. Posting on Twitter, it showed Lövin backed by an all-female task force positioned in a way so as to mock the photo Trump released when he was signing a restriction on US support for foreign abortions.

We are glad to see that there are many countries out there willing to step up as World Leaders as Trump regresses the US back to the 19th century.

Photo taken from Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin’s Twitter account