The Islamic State, known better by its acronym ISIS, has quickly become the most well-known terrorist threat in the Middle East. The group’s brutal tactics have become infamous due to their release of videos featuring the beheading of hostages, captives being burned alive and even executions being performed by children. Now, it seems that they have even ventured to “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

ISIS Takes Over Tatooine

Tataouine, a Tunisian city known by Star Wars fans across the world as “Tatooine,” was featured as a prominent location in the original Star Wars films. It has long been a Mecca of fans who wanted to experience the dome-shaped structures and barren landscape of the fictional planet from the films of George Lucas.

As it turns out, though, this coming-of-age trip may no longer be safe for Jedi fans. Reports show that Tataouine has become a major waypoint for ISIS fighters heading to training bases in the country of Libya. Libya is as close as 60 miles from the former Star Wars set, so it’s a perfect spot for those on their way to becoming extremists.

This revelation will surely harm Tunisia’s already-damaged tourist trade. On March 18, two ISIS members opened fire inside of a museum in the capital city of Tunis. They were able to massacre 23 people before security forces could kill them. Both of these gunmen had received training in the Libyan city of Derna, which is only about a 21-hour drive from Tataouine.

Protecting Tatooine

Visitors are now being warned away from Tataouine, but Tunisia is also taking steps to make the science fiction landmark, and the rest of the country, safe from ISIS threats. They’ve even created buffer zones around their country in order to prevent militants from traveling to Algeria and Libya.

Despite these types of measures, though, those filming the newest Star Wars movies didn’t venture back to the original Tatooine. This isn’t the first time that ISIS has had an effect on nerds everywhere, and I use that word in a totally positive way. Due to the ISIS acronym being the same as that used for the International Secret Intelligence Service in the adult cartoon Archer, creators of the show ceased using the name ISIS when the terrorist organization became prominent.

Hopefully the most ardent of Star Wars fans were able to visit Tatooine before this information became public. Because as of now, the city might as well actually be in a galaxy far, far away.

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