Sony Hacked, North Korea Gushes, Rogen And Franco Laugh All The Way To The Bank

Sony Hacked, North Korea Gushes, Rogen And Franco Laugh All The Way To The Bank

There couldn’t be any better publicity for Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new movie, The Interview, about two American journalists sent to North Korea to snuff-out Kim Jong-un, than this budding hacking scandal that — for the time-being — has clipped the nuts of Sony Pictures Entertainment, the studio producing the comedy/political thriller.

Some group calling themselves the Guardians of Peace are taking credit for the Nov. 24 attack, which gouged enough of Sony’s cyber innards to send the company’s entire computer system away on a brief convalescence (screens at Sony offices around the world showed “Hacked By #GOP” in the foreground of a red skeleton backdrop, before blacking-out all together two Mondays ago). The group has a laundry-list of demands they need met by Sony too — or else. It does seem as though they’ve gained access to a decent sized trove of valuable Sony information though, according to wide-spread reports throughout the media.

No allegiance to any state, country, province, or anything else of that nature, is being claimed by #GOP, but their hacking methods and malware have drawn some blatant similarities to those used to spy on (and shut down) South Korean government servers and private companies while they were naked in the shower during 2013’s “Dark Seoul” cyber attack’s, say Business Insider independent analysts — an act South Korea confidently blames on their northern neighbor.

ROGEN-830x1024North Korea was and is pissed about Rogen and Franco’s new flick, which centers around a plot to kill the country’s doughy faced dictator. So naturally they’re enjoying Sony looking like chumps. They’re not exactly owning up to the debauchery, but they’re calling it a “righteous deed” and proclaiming that “the righteous reaction [to the hacking] will get stronger to smash the evil doings,” in a statement released Sunday, Dec. 7.

Now, we already know all about North Korea’s psychotic political regime, with their inventive, yet medieval dependance on torture, proud sense of civil oppression, and general alienation of the majority of the rest of the world. And I’m sure a lot of people will be focusing on this aspect of this story, and rightfully so. But, what about this whole thing that really get’s my nipples hard, is the prospect of how much political pull these two super-boobs, Seth Rogen and James Franco, may have just given themselves.

We know from Pineapple Express that these two can knock anybody on their ass who’s willing to give them 30 seconds of attention (the two joked last Saturday night on SNL, during the opening monologue, about the Sony hack and about how some John Lennon and Yoko Ono inspired pictures [above] may have been leaked from their phones, as well as about an email address of James Franco’s — [email protected] — that may have gotten out).

We also know they’re each willing to take pretty definitive social and political stances — from Rogen’s address to the US Senate about Alzheimer’s, to Franco’s open support for the gay rights movement.

Now, with the release of The Interview, we know they’re ballsy enough to take more than a few heavy social swings at a corrupt and pretty damn dangerous foreign dictator — albeit through two hours of sex jokes.

North Korea’s big mistake in this chapter of the save-face-battle they seem to enjoy waging against a lot of the rest of the world, was acknowledging the film’s existence in the first place — if they didn’t like it so much. But they didn’t do that. And, really, the whole scenario is a fantastic metaphor for the country as a whole. It’s as if the North Korean government is an antsy, short-tempered little child, easily irked by the taunts of the other children, all of whom pick up on this and have all the more fun with it, taunting in a way which grows more entertaining to them with each degree of intensity the short-tempered, overly-excited child acknowledges the taunts with. It all reminds me of stories I’ve been told about when my uncle was a kid and my father, who was the older brother, would tease him too hard and my uncle would go to my grandmother in grief to complain and she would often give him the same advice: “Don’t buy his apples,” she would say.

Well, North Korea’s buyin’ the shit outta Rogen and Franco’s apples. Meanwhile, those two goofy guys are laughing all the way to the bank.

I guess all there is to do now is sit back and wait to see how this all plays out. We’ll keep you posted.