This Nixon/Pence Mashup Destroys The 'Wrap It Up' Narrative About the Mueller Investigation

This Nixon/Pence Mashup Destroys The ‘Wrap It Up’ Narrative About the Mueller Investigation

That little beauty was tweeted at Vice President Mike Pence, after Pence took to the airwaves to say, well, pretty much the same thing that Richard Nixon said after a year of the Watergate investigation. Something which did not escape the notice of the media, and is put perfectly into context by the clip above.

End the investigation before it’s done? Why would they want to do that – if they’re innocent?

Let that thought sink in…

And that’s how this clip destroys the “wrap it up” narrative. If America had wrapped up the Watergate investigation when Nixon wanted to, we’d have had a criminal President longer than we did. We’d have set a precedent that you can cheat at elections and get away with it, if you can just drag the investigation out a while, and then call for an end to it because it took so long. We’d have destroyed our democracy.

America didn’t fall for that ruse from Nixon, then, and we shouldn’t fall for it from the Trump Administration, now.


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