Time's Up - A Trump Accuser Just won Her Democratic Primary -- And She's Not Alone

Time’s Up – A Trump Accuser Just won Her Democratic Primary — And She’s Not Alone

Rachel Crook told her story about Trump

In 2005, a 22-year-old receptionist for the property development Bayrock Group was, she claims, riding in the elevator of Trump Tower, where Bayrock was based. While inside she encountered then-real estate mogul turned Reality TV star Donald Trump, who allegedly proceeded to forcibly kiss her on the cheeks and mouth.

Thirteen years later, that same receptionist has officially won the Democratic nomination for the Ohio legislature. Her name is Rachel Crooks, and she is one of 255 women who successfully ran and triumphed in their respective state legislature campaigns: part of a massive push by the Democratic Party as a whole to retake the country from the GOP.

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A lifelong Democrat, Crooks has come a long way since her reported disgusting encounter with Trump. Unlike his other accusers, whom he in general just calls liars, Trump made specific, but dubious claims about the allegation by questioning on Twitter why he would do something like that in a public space with security cameras:

Interestingly enough, Crooks never mentioned the length of the ordeal, which Trump specifies as two minutes, nor did she say that it took place in the lobby, instead stating that it occurred in an elevator. Either Trump got his accusations mixed up, or he knows something more about the alleged incident than he is willing to divulge.

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The emergence of this many women in politics is a sign of several changes: that the #MeToo and “Times Up” movements have been successful in encouraging women to come into the spotlight; that the continued presence of Donald Trump has angered people to run for office, and that the Republican Party is continuing to lose support from women voters.

Crooks is set to face Republican incumbent Bill Reineke in a battle for Ohio’s 88th State House District, which not only has a history of leaning Republican, but also voted for Trump in 2016. Still, I have hope that she will succeed so long as she continues to run on a progressive platform.

Featured image a screen capture from Rachel Crooks’s YouTube channel