Tom Perez And Keith Ellison Just Declared War On Trump

Tom Perez And Keith Ellison Just Declared War On Trump

Perez and Ellison are uniting the democrats

Today was a day of high political stakes for leftists across the country, as the Democratic National Committee held their long-awaited elections to choose the next Chairman to lead the Democratic Party into an era of rebirth. The DNC had previously gained notoriety for electing disgraced politicians Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile, resulting in a loss of credibility to the organization.

With Trump’s win, many people realized that now, more than ever, was a time for change in the leadership. Progressives rallied around Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison, who secured the grand endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders amongst others. However, Ellison found himself matched by former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, who had more Establishment support from prominent figures like former President and Vice President Barack Obama and Joe Biden respectively.

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With Perez securing a narrow win of 35 votes, progressive activists were bound to be disappointed were it not for a brilliant move on Perez’s part: subverting DNC rules to get runner-up Keith Ellison elected as his Deputy Chairman. With this decision, Perez has indicated to the Sanders left-wing of the country that everyone will be united for the future.

To acknowledge the Democrats, President Donald Trump tweeted out  a taunting “congratulatory” message to Perez, calling him “Thomas” and saying the election was a victory for the Republican Party. Perez, in turn, gave the perfect response:

We at “ReverbPress” stand united behind the Democratic ticket and will work to ensure the Party wins back the American people and both Houses come 2018.

Screen capture from CNN video “DNC chair Tom Perez’s first press conference”