Top Republicans raise strong doubts about Trump re-election

Top Republicans raise strong doubts about Trump re-election

Trump’s prospects of seeking re-election look a little grim

Ever since allegations of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia first arose, there were many efforts by both Republicans and conservative pundits (i.e. most of “Fox News”) to denounce the claims as fake and a part of the “deep state’s” plan of preventing Trump from shaking up the establishment system. It was a sign of their long-standing pseudo-patriotism: support a man who had insulted veterans and fellow Americans whilst denouncing the work of our intelligence agencies for the purposes of partisan politics.

The amount of damage control that will have to be done after the recent breakthroughs is almost exhilarating to behold, especially considering a good amount of the GOP’s voter base have vivid memories of the Cold War. Russia may not be as militarily aggressive as it was back then, but combat tactics have evolved for the worse. As national security expert Richard A. Clarke once said, their black hat campaign during the 2016 presidential election was “the 21st century equivalent to having Russians land Marines on the Jersey Shore.” That a person running for President would associate themselves with people colluding with that kind of government is unbelievable.

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Of course, one of the greatest methods of disassociating from Trump, downplaying the collusion with Russia, and raising hope for the upcoming congressional and presidential elections in 2018 and 2020 is a simple one: brushing him off to the side. Already a couple of top Republicans have begun to raise doubts about whether or not Trump will run for reelection, signifying that they are taking advantage of the situation to boost their own power ambitions in the inevitable primary.

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Senator Rand Paul for example, best known for his on-again/off-again libertarian stances, said that he was not sure he could ascertain Trump’s political ambitions until getting towards the end of his first term, while Governor Chris Christie openly admitted that he was “not so sure” what would happen.

It is worth pointing out that, in spite of their evident doubts, both politicians have made it clear that they will support Trump in the event that he runs for office again, showcasing that they hold party allegiance over the good of the country. Regardless, the fact that members of the GOP are having this discussion when Trump’s first year as President is not even over indicates that the wheels are turning against the man.

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