Trump Faces The Truth

Donald Trump may be slow on the uptake, but according to an adviser, after seven months of a disastrous presidency, something that seems evident to the rest of the America has finally dawned on the president.

A lot of people can’t stand him.

Axios reports:

“A Trump adviser says that after a tumultuous seven months in office, it had finally dawned on the president: ‘People really fucking hate me.’ For someone who has spent his life lapping up adulation, however fake, it was a harsh realization. This is a man with an especially acute need for affirmation.”

Plummeting poll numbers and a country increasingly vocal in their disapproval may have finally forced this truth upon our tone-deaf president. And it may actually begin to have an impact on how the president conducts himself. According to those close to the president, the deal he struck with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi may make Trump realize that leading has much less to do with defiantly doubling down on things that people hate and instead actually making deals that push the country forward.

Even if it means working with Democrats, which has infuriated his own party far more than his coddling of  White Supremacists and Nazis has done.

According to a senior administration official, Trump has been basking in the coverage following his deal with Chuck and Nancy – even watching Morning  Joe, which heaped praise upon the president for making the deal that would provide disaster relief for Texas following Hurricane Harvey.

“He just wanted to do something popular,” the official said – a haunting statement that speaks volumes about the man sitting in the Oval Office.

Will Trump Pivot (Again)?

This is a man who has no compass, no deeply-held beliefs to guide him. The president is, instead, a man easily blown by the winds of popularity. This week, that deep-seated need for adulation led Trump to actually do the right thing for the country. Next week, though, in the midst of a backlash against his deal with Schumer and Pelosi, who knows? Trump has shown himself unable to withstand criticism.

Republicans are openly depressed over this newest Trump development. One person said of the deal: “He accepted a shakedown when he was holding all the cards…This is quite literally a guy who watched ‘ER’ trying to perform a surgery.”

Trump, however, reportedly hopes this newest “pivot” in a long line of pivots that quickly failed will actually stick.

But don’t hold your breath.

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