Donald Cries Over Voter Fraud Commission

Donald Trump is attempting to investigate a “fraud” that very obviously did not happen. In fact, it’s been shown time and time again that widespread voter fraud simply is not a thing. No, a bunch of dead people did not vote in the last election. Yes, Donald Trump really did lose the popular vote by that large of a margin.

But when did Donald Trump – or Republicans in general, for that matter – let facts and truth actually guide their way?

Trump, with the help of his buddy, vote-suppressor extraordinaire Kris Kobach, is using this patently false front of voter fraud in order to collect information from states that will likely be used to suppress those votes with which they disagree. Kobach co-chairs Trump’s ridiculous “voter fraud commission,” and his job seems to be to find evidence, any evidence, anything at all, to support the president’s sad and unsubstantiated claim of widespread voter fraud.

Kobach’s idea to do this has been met with anger and resistance.

The Washington Post reports:

“Kobach recently sent letters to all 50 states asking them to provide the commission with their entire voter files. The request specifically spelled out sensitive pieces of information the commission wants to obtain, including voters names, party affiliations, military status and the last four digits of voters’ Social Security numbers.”

Many states – including Kobach’s own state – cannot or will not comply.

And, like he always done when thwarted, Donald Trump through a tantrum on Twitter.

He called it “very distinguished.” And he did it without irony. This is why Trump’s “fake news” claims are so fake…why does anyone need to make stuff up when stuff like this is actually happening on a daily basis?

Twitter Explodes – With Anger And Hilarity

When Donald Trump speaks, Twitter always answers…and it never bodes well for Donald.

Indeed, he does.

And indeed, he hasn’t.

And indeed, they would.

Oh, solid point, there!

(I think that’s sarcasm – just in case any Trump voters accidentally read this.)

Well, at least you admit he’s a good whiner, right? That’s something.

Seems like a reasonable reaction.

Look! A Trump translator! Excellent.

Some day, Trump may finally learn that, although he obviously finds some sort of release by tweeting hysterically at odd hours, Twitter does not actually like him. But not today.

Oh, and this “voter fraud panel” idea? It’s a really, really, really bad idea. You can read more about why here.

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