Trump, DeVos refuse to forgive debt of students from for profit colleges

Trump, DeVos refuse to fully forgive debt of students screwed by bogus “for profit” colleges

Trump and DeVos are destroying the american public schooling and college system

Tuition costs have been rising in the United States for a few decades now to the point where even in-state students can find themselves in tens of thousands of dollars of debt just by attending a university for four years. On top of other credit expenses like getting a loan for a house or a car, this can result in people having to pay off their money well into their adult life.

But despite this atrocity in the United States’ education system, it still does not quite top the presence of for-profit schools. There is something inherently wrong with people in power taking advantage of aspiring students by leading them into a hole from which it will be near-impossible to dig out of. Done primarily by private colleges and diploma mills, they exist for the purposes of crushing young people’s dreams for the sake of money, and indicate something that has been obvious for a while now: greed ruins everything.

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When President Obama was in office, he took many measures to help fight against these fraudulent institutions, even if they did not go far enough to actually resolve the problem. But once Trump was elected to the office, it became clear that he would be a disaster for schooling in the country long before he even picked Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education.

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Why? The reason was simple- Trump had run his own abomination of a college called Trump University, which was the subject of a successful lawsuit that saw the grifters having to pay millions of dollars out to students who had been affected negatively by Trump University’s con. Having someone with that kind of history be in charge of dictating American schools for at least the next four years presented nothing but hopelessness for those wishing for affordable education. The appointing of DeVos only cemented that promise as she not only had a history of being anti-public schools, but was also someone who had never even been a part of the system amongst a plethora of other problems involving fundamentalism and cronyism.

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Like other Trump Cabinet members, we have seen various affects of this devilish partnership beforehand, such as removing the Obama era policies on student loan protection and sexual assault. But the greatest affect is officially upon us: no complete forgiveness for students affected by predatory schools like Trump University. That is right, if someone was tricked by a scam university into giving up their hard-earned money for an education, DeVos plans to only give a partial pardon to them, meaning they will still be stuck with a large debt.

The specifics have yet to be determined, so we encourage all our readers to start protesting immediately. Change can come through populism.

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