Trump Holds Frightening Campaign Rally, Completely Loses It Over 'Fake Media' (VIDEO)

Trump Holds Frightening Campaign Rally, Completely Loses It Over ‘Fake Media’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Savagely Attacks First Amendment

Donald Trump, seemingly unaware that the campaign is long over, held a rally in Florida on Saturday that should frighten many of us.

No one is quite certain what, exactly, the president is campaigning for, or why he decided to take time off of what is arguably the most demanding job in the entire world, other than to stroke his own ego…and to bash the media. In fact, bashing the media seemed to be Trump’s main theme. Certainly it’s one that has become familiar to us all. Yet, instead of growing stale with overuse, Trump’s constant media battle is becoming more frightening as the President of the United States seems himself to be completely unhinged from reality.

“The dishonest media, which has published one false story after another, with no sources, even though they pretend they have them — they make them up in many cases, they just don’t want to report the truth and they have been calling us wrong now for two years – they don’t get it, but they are starting to get it,” Trump said.

But that’s actually not correct. No matter how angry Trump gets at the media for reporting the news, simply because it isn’t flattering to him, his governing, his lack of policies, and his entire presidency, the media will continue to do what it has always done: report the facts.

Maybe if the president doesn’t like the facts, he should change his own behavior, rather than trying desperately to dismiss actual verifiable truth as “fake news.”

Trump Is Performing For One Group Of People

Unfortunately, many of his hardcore believers will never be swayed by any facts. And it is for them that Trump is performing. Trump is foaming at the mouth and making rabid verbal attacks on the media because his base likes it, and they believe it.

“They have become a big part of the problem. They are part of the corrupt system,” Trump said Saturday. He spoke in the language of the conspiracy theorist, and has long since mastered creating the “us versus them” mentality that his base thrives on.  “Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln — many of our greatest presidents fought with the media and called them out, often times on their lies. When the media lies to the people, I will never let them get away with it. I will do whatever I can so they don’t get away with it. They have their own agenda and their agenda is not your agenda.”

The media doesn’t have an agenda. The media serves a purpose. And that purpose is to tell the truth.

President Trump’s open attack on the First Amendment is without base or merit. And he will not stop.

But neither will the media.

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Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN.

Image via Twitter