Trump; 'Too Many Jobs In China Lost' - Supporters Stunned as Liberals Say 'Told You So'

Trump; ‘Too Many Jobs In China Lost’ – Supporters Stunned as Liberals Say ‘Told You So’

Making China Great Again?

Donald J. Trump won an electoral victory for the White House very largely on a promise to get tough on China in order to restore lost American jobs.

But Monday morning Trump, who has used Twitter as his primary outreach to the people, often in controversial ways, tweeted the following:

Wait… what? What happened to “America first”? What happened to “Make America Great Again”? When did “MAGA” become MCGA?

Critics were quick to denounce the statement, particularly since ZTE was suspected by the intelligence community of spying on Americans.

Top Republicans & Trump Supporters Dismayed

But it wasn’t just critics of Trump who were critical of the announcement. Top Republicans and voters from Trump’s own base were also quick to express their bewilderment.

Marco Rubio echoed Democrat Adam Schiff to say what Trump should be concerned about is national security. But then went even further than Schiff, questioning whether this meant Trump was backing down on China.

Fox News Business host Lou Dobbs, whose drumbeat against immigration while at CNN helped turn America rightward, but these days is all over the “TrumpTrain” hashtag, tweeted an Axios article that suggested Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is leading Trump down a conciliatory path. Dobbs even declared “China wins” if Trump takes this action.

No Spin Zone

Responding to Dobbs, some MAGA-ites expressed their 100% undying trust in Trump. But the MAGAsphere in general was deafeningly silent on the topic. As if stunned silent, and not even knowing how to spin it, this ultimate betrayal by a President whose whole candidacy was about screwing over the other guy, whether immigrant, or foreign worker, for the sake of the American worker (with more than a little racism in the mix).

I followed the tracks of the Trump Train on Twitter and Trump Tweeter after Trump Tweeter avoided the subject like the plague. I couldn’t find a single reaction one way or the other from any of them. It was if it just never happened. As if if they were in denial.

In fact, most of those aboard the Trump Train preferred instead to ignore the sudden shift to making China great again, and instead celebrate Trump’s efforts to make Israel great again with the opening of the Jerusalem embassy, as Israeli troops gun down thousands of Palestinian demonstrators at the border, killing dozens, including several small children with sniper fire, and shelling.

Told You So

But liberals on Twitter weren’t so silent. A search for ZTE MAGA turned up a whole lot of liberals taking a swipe at the MAGA crowd, with gloating, and a whole lot of ‘told ‘ya so”….

… And that’s just a sampling.

So what now? Trump’s “Make America Great Again” has become Make China Great Again, and “America First” has become Israel First, China Second, America, well, at least somewhere before the “shithole countries” .

Maybe those last two tweeters were on to something. Let’s see Trump’s tax returns. And Cohen’s. American, and Chinese.

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