Blood Soaked NRA, Trump Stoke Fear in Wake of Valentine's Massacre

Blood Soaked NRA, Trump Stoke Fear in Wake of Valentine’s Massacre

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre Blames President Obama and Countless Others While the Nation Mourns the Victims of the Stoneman Douglas Mass Shooting.

Wednesday marked a full week since the heinous slaughter of 17 individuals at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and it was an eventful and cathartic day for a country still trying to make sense of the senseless. President Donald Trump met with survivors of school shootings in a televised “listening session” from the State Dining Room of the White House. CNN hosted a prime-time town hall on gun violence from Sunrise, Florida, where Parkland students and staff were able to air their grievances with elected officials and a representative of the NRA. But any glimmer of hope that America would emerge united in their attempt to solve this most heinous of crises was quickly stamped out Thursday morning when the president took to Twitter to promote NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre in advance of his speech at CPAC:

Fresh off a presidential name-drop, LaPierre took the stage at CPAC and launched into a blistering attack on anyone and everyone he and/or the president consider to be enemies. Much like Trump, he remains unhealthily obsessed with Former President Barack Obama, saying:

“Obama promised a fundamental transformation of our country. And you know what? It began with his own national party. A party that is now infested with saboteurs who don’t believe in capitalism, don’t believe in the Constitution, don’t believe in our freedom and don’t believe in America as we know it. Obama may be gone, but their Utopian dream marches on.”

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LaPierre proceeded to claim that most prominent Democrats “don’t believe in America” as he knows it:

“I’m not just talking about Bernie Sanders. I mean, he’s near the end of his career. But how about Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bill de Blasio, Andrew Cuomo, Cory Booker, Christopher Murphy & Keith Ellison?”

In LaPierre’s twisted, paranoid version of contemporary politics, the opposition party is merely a cover for a “terrifying” agenda:

“They hide behind labels like Democrat, left-wing, and progressive to make their socialist agenda more palatable, and that is terrifying.”

Which is a pretty stunning thing for the guy who heads up an organization under investigation by the FBI for allegedly laundering money for Russia to help our old cold war adversary – where rhetoric like that comes from – subvert our election and hijack out government.

It wasn’t only the Democratic party, however, that drew LaPierre’s ire. He directly attacked the nation’s top law enforcement organization, adding “What is hard to understand is why no one at the FBI stood up and called B.S. on its rogue leadership.

And there’s something you should take note of here. This was more politics, than guns. Look at that rhetoric. Is that about guns? Why should the National Rifle Association be concerning itself with economics? Why is a group that’s supposed to be concerned with gun rights worried about protecting capitalism (while they allegedly sell us down the river to Russia)? Because gun rights isn’t really what they’re about anymore. It’s just another political football to them. Which just goes to show that the NRA has been co-opted by the GOP, which in turn has been co-opted by big business – including, and especially the gun makers.

Trump Is Giving the NRA quite A Return on Their Investment

For Donald Trump, it’s time to pay the tab. The Center for Responsive Politics points out exactly how much the NRA spent on behalf of Donald Trump’s presidential 2016 campaign. NRA Trump

After a day in which the entire country seemed to be in agreement that something needed to be done to prevent these mass shootings — which don’t happen anywhere else on earth with this regularity — the president had to not only give cover to, but promote the hateful, divisive rhetoric of the National Rifle Association and their chief demagogue Wayne LaPierre.

That’s what $30 Million buys you these days.

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