Trump Just Retweeted Incendiary (and Possibly Fake) Anti-Muslim Videos From a White Supremacist

Trump Just Retweeted Incendiary (and Possibly Fake) Anti-Muslim Videos From a White Supremacist

Britain First Deputy Leader has A history of outreach to Nazi Sympathizers

President Donald Trump’s Wednesday morning tweet-storm included the daily attacks against CNN and NBC that Americans have come to accept as our new, unfortunate normal. And yes, he included his traditional adoration of Fox News as well. But in between his praise of favorable propaganda and his denunciation of any-and-all critics as “Fake News”, his twitter feed included something much more sinister and dangerous: a series of unverified anti-Islamic videos from the white ethnocentric ‘Britain First’ movement’s Deputy Director Jayda Fransen.

Trump offered no additional commentary on the videos — he didn’t have to. Pictures speak a thousand words and it’s clear what his objective in sharing them was:

Britain First, Fransen Imagine War Against Muslims on the Horizon

The Britain First party is a kindred spirit to a large portion of Donald Trump’s support base. As a matter of fact, Fransen and party leader Paul Golding are presently out on bail following their arrest for causing religiously motivated harassment in the United Kingdom. While on bail, Fransen was arrested yet again for violating the bail agreement — for speaking on a Neo-Nazi radio program. As the Daily Mail reports, “She appeared shortly after the show aired part 35 of a retelling of Hitler’s Mein Kamph.

The British human-rights advocacy organization Open Democracy recently classified Britain First as the “UK’s fastest growing far right group” and profiled their ideology:

Britain First believes that it is a religious war that is coming [sic]. In our report we spell this out and also expose how (founder Jim) Dowson and Golding have upped the ante in anti-Muslim hate rhetoric, not just by invading Mosques and antagonising radical Jihadists on their doorsteps, but by building, training and drilling a uniformed mob of “Crusaders” who believe they are preparing for a civil war between Christians and Muslims of biblical proportions. Driving around in armoured cars, wearing face masks and chanting the name of “Jesus Christ”, they exhibit the very fundamentalist behaviour that they accuse sections of the Muslim community of. More than the British Nationalist Party and even worse than the English Defence League, Britain First are likely to drive more and more people into the arms of extremists and out of the clutches of civilised society. Arrested four times this year already, Golding says nothing will stop him in his mission to “expose” Islam.

Fransen, for her part, seemed elated at the attention a retweet from Trump would provide:

Legitimate Reason to Challenge the Validity of the Anti-Muslim Videos

Aside from the sheer disgust one may have for the politics of bigotry that the Britain First party portrays — and worse — the implicit endorsement from the White House, there is no reason to assume that the videos themselves are legit.

In 2015, the group was found to have manipulated a photo of United States Navy veteran Dawud Walid at an anti-bigotry demonstration. The photo was altered to show an image of Walid holding a sign reading “kill all non Muslims“.

The first allegations of manipulation have already begun to surface, with the Dutch Broadcast Foundation reporting:

he video appears to have originated in May and is from the Dutch site Dumpert. He is no longer there. According to weblog GeenStijl and De Telegraaf, the perpetrator was found and it turned out to be no Muslim or migrant at all.

Note: excerpt translated via Google Translation

Legitimate or (likely) not, the fact that the President of the United States, once considered to be the Leader of the Free World, has accepted these rogue videos as fact when he has access to the strongest intelligence in the world speaks volumes about the perilous state that Western Democracy finds itself in at the present time.

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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Donald J Trump on Twitter