BOMBSHELL: Trump Staffers Allegedly In 'Constant Contact' With Russian Intelligence During Campaign

BOMBSHELL: Trump Staffers Allegedly In ‘Constant Contact’ With Russian Intelligence During Campaign

Reports: Alarming Communications Occurred Between Donald Trump Campaign Staffers And Suspected Russian Operatives

More explosive revelations concerning alleged ties between Russia and the campaign of Donald Trump have been reported by multiple news outlets today. Two reports with numerous sources state numerous people inside the presidential campaign of Trump had “constant communication” with “suspected Russian operatives” that “raised a red flag” for U.S. intelligence and law enforcement. It was also noted both Trump and former President Barack Obama were briefed on the details of these communications.

While the “intent” of these conversations has not been decided by U.S. intelligence, the nature of the communications were reportedly out of the ordinary. As noted by CNN:

Officials emphasized that communications between campaign staff and representatives of foreign governments are not unusual. However, these communications stood out to investigators due to the frequency and the level of the Trump advisers involved.

While CNN did not name the officials, they apparently know the names of the campaign staff involved.

The New York Times also ran their own story and did name four people involved in the Trump campaign at one time or another. Former campaign manager Paul Manafort, former advisors Carter Page and Roger Stone, and the recently departed National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. The FBI has “closely examined” all four and each has denied any wrongdoing. The report notes more people may have been involved:

The officials said the intercepted communications were not limited to Trump campaign officials, and included other associates of Mr. Trump. On the Russian side, the contacts also included members of the Russian government outside of the intelligence services, the officials said.

The White House has repeatedly denied any communications occurred between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. This would include earlier today when White House Spokesman Sean Spicer denied anything of this nature took place prior to Election Day:

If anyone thought the story of potential Russian involvement with Donald Trump was going away after Michael Flynn’s departure, they clearly thought wrong. The reports continue to come out as more investigation is done and U.S. intelligence is still working on the details, trying to put the whole picture together. Now, it becomes a question of how much the party in power wants to investigate its own.

According to some Senators like Rand Paul, those investigations may not happen because they don’t want to hurt the party. And if that happens, Republicans will risk losing all semblance of believing in country over partisan politics.

Featured image a composite using work from Gage Skidmore via Flickr and the Kremlin.