Trump's Health Secretary Admits He Doesn't Know About GOP Healthcare

Trump’s Health Secretary Admits He Doesn’t Know Anything About Secret Republican Healthcare Bill

One of the problems with the media’s constant coverage of Russiagate is that many other, arguably more important stories get thrown under the bus. Chief among these today is healthcare, and the Republican Party’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

If the term “beating a dead horse” ever came to describe a political act of Congress, it would have to be the GOP and Obamacare. Millions of dollars in taxpayer money was wasted on pointless hearings, amendments, and repeal attempts by the incompetent Republican congress under President Obama. With President Trump in office, Republicans have attempted to destroy Obamacare through defunding measures, but have floundered each time.

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The tactic they have chosen now, since the failure of the American Health Care Act, is to be secret. After all, if you can hide how much you plan to hurt your constituents, you can limit the amount of political damage this will have on your career. The plan is so unknown, that not only can the Congressional Budget Office not give a proper analysis in time, but even President Trump’s own Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, does not know what is in it (yet will still approve it of course).

If the Republicans had shown any form of decency in the past, they might have earned the benefit of the doubt, but that is far from the case here. This Party has committed itself to doing anything it takes to win an election, including supporting blatant obstruction and corruption.

Keep an eye out for any information that may come out regarding the disaster the GOP is no doubt brewing up behind closed doors.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images