Twitter EXPLODES Over Vacationing Trump's 'Get Back to Work' Tantrum

Twitter EXPLODES Over Vacationing Trump’s ‘Get Back to Work’ Tantrum

Donald Trump Makes It Too Easy

Donald Trump took a break from golfing during his 17-day vacation in order to tell Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to “get back to work.”

Now, let me point out that the GOP-led “Do-Nothing” Congress takes laziness to almost unheard-of heights. They generally work less than half the year, and have, thus far, been unable to pass any major legislation, despite having control of all three branches of government.

But this is Donald Trump who is scolding Mitch McConnell. Trump, who happens to be on vacation in the middle of a potential nuclear crisis that he himself created. Trump, who is taking an extended vacation in addition to golfing over 40 times since taking office – and that was before this most current vacation.

Trump has rightfully earned such nicknames as “golfer-in-chief” and “vacationer-in-chief.”

So when he tweeted that Mitch McConnell should “get back to work,” Twitter absolutely lost it.

Twitter Reacts To Donald Trump Telling McConnell To ‘Get Back To Work’

If Donald Trump had sat down to think about the most ironic thing he could tweet, telling others to get back to work while on vacation from what appears to be an endless stream of golf trips would surely top the list.

Twitter agreed.

And over on the other side of the aisle, Democrats are discussing climate change.

They are meeting with their constituents.

They are fighting against income inequality.

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Trump may be right – Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans may be lazy. But considering their anti-science, anti-middle class, anti-healthcare stances, it may be better for America that they do have an aversion to work.

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