At "Unite The Right 2," Anti-Fascists Own Streets As Racists Prove What Pathetic Cowards They Are

At “Unite The Right 2,” Anti-Fascists Own Streets As Racists Prove What Pathetic Cowards They Are

Let me say this unequivocally… Anyone who feels a driving need to insist that they are superior to other people by no other virtue than the color of their skin is a pathetic loser. Anyone who feels they have the right to harass others because of the color of their skin is a bully. And in my extensive experience with bullies, they’re pathetic, deeply insecure cowards as well.

Since he announced his candidacy with a racist remark and with a degree of palpable racism and fascist authoritarian leanings never before seen in the modern American Presidency, Donald Trump has emboldened the lowest dregs of humanity. The absolute scum of our society. The pathetic, despicable, and the “deplorable”. Racists. Literal Nazis.

In other words, birds of a feather, flock together.

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And while the right wing scum would like to think of themselves as eagles, or at least hawks, they are at best vultures, and in large numbers could seem like ravens. But get them out-numbered and facing accountability for their actions, and they’re more obvious for what they really are: pigeons, strutting around, shitting all over everything, and scared of their own shadow.

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The second Unite the Right rally, wherein America’s Nazi terrorists were going to celebrate their terrorist attack on Charlottesville, Virginia last year (imagine Al Qaeda marching down the streets of New York and DC on September 11th to understand how vile that really is) went off with a roar – from the other side.

Yes, the counter rallies, called “United Against Hate”, owned the streets. And even the massive police presence had to back down before the big blue wave that surged through our Nation’s capital city. And the racist scum proved themselves to be the feckless, cowardly losers they are at heart. Cowering, hiding their faces, and in such smaller numbers – most too afraid to come out and face a prepared resistance.

Whether on the streets or in the tweets, it was, in a word, glorious.

See for yourself…

And as bad as that would have been, they were actually chanting “jews will not replace us”…

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