Unprecedented: FBI Chief Prepared to Publicly Rebut White House if Bogus Nunes Memo Released

Unprecedented: FBI Chief Prepared to Publicly Rebut White House if Bogus Nunes Memo Released

Devin Nunes’s Memo alleging that the FBI had faulty reasons for obtaining a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to investigate Donald Trump has reached a fever pitch due to the President confirming his intentions to release it in the near future.

Rather than sit back and wait for Republicans to reap every disingenuous lie they can from this disingenuous document, the FBI is planning on rhetorically fighting back, with none other than Director Christopher Wray leading that resistance. In an interview with CBS News, former Bush Homeland Security Adviser Fran Townsend revealed that Wray will be releasing a public statement in the event that the Nunes Memo is released.

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Having worked inside the Justice Department unit that handed out FISA warrants, Townsend also revealed her own skepticism over the contents of the Nunes Memo as the process to obtain a FISA warrant is very difficult:

“There’s multiple internal reviews in the FBI; there’s a legal review at the Justice Department; it goes to the attorney general or, in this case, the deputy who reviews it. And then it goes to an independent federal judge who looks at it.”

“No FISA warrant relies on a single piece of evidence. So if the allegations from Chairman Nunes is that they relied solely on the Steele dossier — that’s not possible, it never happens, there would have been multiple pieces of evidence. It just — it doesn’t work that way.”

Wray is not alone on this matter. When Republican leaders in the House of Representatives were granted sensitive FBI files about the Russia probe, a couple of agents raised concerns over the possibility of partisan bias influencing the GOP’s attitude towards the investigation as a whole.

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Those concerns have been proven right with the construction of this document. Nunes, who has already been accused of acting in the subjective interests of Trump over the objective interests of justice, could be facing obstruction of justice charges as a result of violating the Congressional Immunity Law.

That should be proof enough that his narcissistically named memo is a danger to the country. Combined with the fact that Trump is hoping that something terrifying will happen this year to protect his party during the 2018 midterms, it is not too far-fetched to think demonizing the FBI is one route.

Check out the video below of Townsend’s interview:

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