US Chief blasts Jared Kushner's sketchy security clearance applications

US Chief blasts Jared Kushner’s super sketchy security clearance applications

Jared Kushner is raising some security bells

The National Background Investigations Bureau was created in January 2016 to handle a major issue the Office of Personnel Management was put in charge of: background checks. The public sector in this country is massive, and ensuring that no one with ill intent is granted a place in the government bureaucracy is a top priority of any manager, regardless of political background. This is done primarily through having an applicant fill out extensive forms detailing their life, and then having an investigator analyze the documents to make sure they are accurate.

But the question then becomes what if the person hitting red flags is a high-ranking government official? In today’s case, that happens to the the President of the United States’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Kushner has been both a laughing stock and idiot in the media since he declared that he would make peace in the Middle East despite having no foreign policy experience. However, that has not stopped him from getting top security clearance, an aspect that has drawn criticism since it was disclosed back in November 2016.

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With Kushner coming under the target of Robert Mueller’s probe over communications with Russian officials, there have been strong requests from Democrats in Congress to have his clearance removed. Adding to this is the fact that Kushner actually screwed up when filling out his forms.

This is something that happens to normal people filling out applications every once in a while, but what makes Trump’s son-in-law particularly noteworthy is that he keeps making them: reportedly over 100 errors have been made, and that is including the fact that he he deliberately omitted meeting with the Russians.

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Speaking on the matter is a man with the greatest authority on the matter, Charles Phalen. The Director of the National Background Investigations Bureau, Phalen was called before the House Oversight Committee to give his thoughts on national security issues involving his agency. When asked by Democratic congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi whether he had ever witnessed this many mistakes on security forms in his career, Phalen had this to say:

“I have not seen the breadth of all the applications, but I have never seen that level of mistakes.”

While Phalen was quick to clarify that not every blunder was serious, it still stands to scrutiny that someone as allegedly intelligent as Kushner would falter this badly when filling out something simple. That is, assuming he has nothing to hide.

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