So once again, Donald Trump has a mad, and once again it’s all about Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonation on Saturday Night Live. And also, once again, he whined on Twitter.

Trump Loses His Shit, This Woman Hands It Back To Him!

But this time, one Twitter user was having none of his b.s.

Trump whined about Alec Baldwin and, of course, the skit itself. Unwatchable! Sad!

For Danielle Muscato, this was just one idiotic Trump tweet too many,

So she fired a volley of tweets that took him down several notches or three. And they are just what we’ve all been thinking.

You Want Epic? We’ve Got Your Epic Right Here:

Here’s Why We Should Be Worried About Our Own Shit. Because Trump Isn’t…

Maybe The Donald Just Thinks This Is One Big Reality Show

But it’s hard to deal with real facts when you’re The Donald…

Maybe he just thought he’d win an Emmy?

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Yeah, He’s A Joke All Right. But He’s Not Funny

Danielle can see right through him.

Watch Alec Baldwin DECIMATE The Donald AGAIN on the latest Saturday Night Live Cold Open:

[brid video=‚ÄĚ82723‚Ä≥ player=‚ÄĚ5260‚Ä≥ title=‚ÄĚ12316 Snl Cold Open Saturday Night Live‚ÄĚ]
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