UPDATED: 6/1/2015 13:44: MySanAntonio.com is reporting that Fitzgibbons was fired from her job Thursday afternoon. 

By now, you’d think that most people would learn not to add fuel to a smoldering hot fire. Especially when that fire entails a racially charged incident involving a white cop physically and verbally accosting some black teenagers, which was caught on a viral video.

Ironically, one of those who hasn’t learned happens to be a teacher named Karen Fitzgibbons, who needs to be taught not to make racist posts on Facebook in response to a racially charged incident that has gone nationwide.

Fitzgibbons, who teaches fourth grade in Bennett Elementary School in Lubbock, Texas, thought it would be a swell idea to type out her racist thoughts on her personal Facebook page over the mess in McKinney, Texas. You know the story… a white cop named Eric Casebolt was caught on video running around chasing after some black kids who purportedly were in a place they weren’t supposed to be at. He accosted a few of them, slamming a 15 year old girl to the ground and drawing his gun when a couple of other black teens approached him in protest. Casebolt subsequently resigned from the police force.

And after you read Fitzgibbon’s post, you may feel that someone else needs to resign as well. Here it is…

Yes, she really said that.

The post has been deleted, and Fitzgibbons has issued a half-assed apology. Is it just us, or does this not sound like a very sincere apology?

From Lubbock Online:

Fitzgibbons insisted the post “was not directed at any one person or group.�?

“It was not an educational post; it was a personal experience post,�? Fitzgibbons said, adding she has a personal connection to the McKinney situation, but declined to elaborate.

She added: “I apologized to the appropriate people,�? declining to identify those people.

With the post deleted and her apology made, the teacher said she hopes the issue is resolved.

The post “was not directed at any one person or group.”

Really? It sure did SEEM like it was aimed at a group of people. Any time someone types a sentence that starts off with ‘the blacks…”, you know it’s probably not going to end well.

She claims that it wasn’t an “educational” post. Let’s thank God Almighty for that. She apparently wasn’t trying to teach her readers how to be ignorant racist fools after all. Whew!

Then she says she apologized to the “appropriate people.” Who are those people? We’re dying to know. Did she apologize to every black person in America? it’s obvious that she’s painting with a very broad brush here with her “the blacks..” comment and her talk of segregation. Most likely, she apologized to her bosses in an effort to save her own ass from being fired. No word yet on if that will happen.

Please let us know in the comments section if you think Fitzgibbons should retain her job as a teacher or not.

You may contact her boss, school superintendent Dr. Michelle McCord at [email protected]
Or you can call (806) 866-9541

Watch a local news report from KCBD 11.

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