WARNING: Conservatives who have been stricken with Obama Derangement Syndrome are at risk of having their heads explode if they read this article.

Conservative New York Times journalist David Brooks admitted recently on a PBS NewsHour segment that President Obama and his administration have “amazingly” been free of scandals during his nearly 6 and a half years in office.

In a discussion about scandalous former GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Brooks made the point that in the last two decades, there have been numerous scandals involving members of congress, but then made this candid revelation:

“….I have my disagreements, say, with President Obama, but President Obama has run an amazingly scandal-free administration, not only he himself, but the people around him. He’s chosen people who have been pretty scandal-free.

And so there are people in Washington who do set a standard of integrity, who do seem to attract people of quality. And I think that’s probably true of the current group. I hope it’s true of the current leadership group in Congress. But — so they’re not all involved in scandal.”

Yes, we know…







Too bad none of those are actual scandals, despite the efforts of Fox News and the other assorted asshole conservative gasbags to gin them up as such. They are all liars, or just plain paranoid. The fact is that President Obama, in comparison to the last few administrations, is in fact running a clean administration that has had a glaring lack of REAL scandals. If the biggest so-called scandal conservatives can pin on his administration is “BENGHAZI!,” which went nowhere fast, then it’s very fair to say that Brooks is correct.

Consider that during the Reagan years, we had the Iran-Contra scandal which embroiled Saint Ronnie himself and tarnished the glowing halo around his head. And then Bill Clinton decided that having a good time with an intern named Monica Lewinsky would be a cool thing to do, at least till he got caught. Despite the absurd sensationalizing of the incident amongst conservatives, it still qualifies as a scandal. Then under George W. Bush, we went to war in Iraq based on, at best, very dubious intelligence, and at worst, flat-out lies, resulting in an ill-planned clusterfuck that resulted in billions of dollars of wasted taxpayer money and thousands of deaths and injuries to both U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians.

Speaking of fake scandals… can you imagine what would had been said on Fox News had 911 happened on President Obama’s watch?

Watch the PBS segment below.

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