Devin Nunes Got Wiretap 'Proof' He Gave to Trump and Press FROM White House Officials

Devin Nunes Got Wiretap ‘Proof’ He Gave to Trump and Press FROM White House Officials

A report from the New York Times Thursday afternoon has indicated that the alleged proof that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes acquired relating to the ‘incidental’ surveillance of President Trump was, in fact, sourced from classified White House security personnel.

According to the New York Times report, multiple sources have identified the two individuals at the center of this revelation as Ezra Cohen-Warwick and Michael Ellis. Cohen-Warwick is a senior director for intelligence at the National Security Council, while Ellis is a former colleague of Nunes’ and worked with Californian representative prior to accepting a position with the White House Counsel’s Office. Both men are believed to be responsible for assisting Nunes acquire the ‘proof’ which turned out to be little more than ‘incidental’ surveillance.

The latest revelation casts even more doubt over Rep. Nunes’ ability to chair a House committee of this nature. The latest damning indictment of Nunes’ chairmanship comes on the back of a week when two of the Senate’s House intelligence Committee hearings have been cancelled. It is understood that the cancellation of Thursday’s hearing was made at the request of Nunes and Republican representatives – a request that was agreed to by the Democratic minority.

For his part Nunes’ spokesperson Jack Langer has stated that that chairman will not reveal the identity of his sources even though it is believed that Cohen-Warwick and Ellis are the officials responsible. Things have really gone from bad to worse for Devin Nunes in recent weeks and Thursday’s revelation is the latest culmination in this regard. Even before this information was revealed, many Democratic Party members of the committee have called for him to step aside over his poor handing ling of this role. In particular, this criticism is in response to the initial decision by Devin Nunes to brief the press and President Trump regarding the ‘incidental’ surveillance findings, rather than the committee itself.

Only time will tell how long he remains at the helm of this important intelligence committee.

Photo Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images