When it comes to Donald Trump’s first twelve days in office it is probably best to expect the unexpected. From enacting a highly immoral and constitutionally questionableban on Muslims of certain countries  to his insistence that Mexico will pay for his proposed southern border wall, it is clear that the president is not paying much attention to reason or logic. The hard-headed nature of Trump’s first days in office has been copper-fastened by the advisors he has selected for key White House positions. Steve Bannon is perhaps at the top of the list and his ever expanding portfolio is hard to miss. However, this influence is not merely confined to the Oval Office. As an interview on CNN Wednesday morning with Bannon’s ex-partner highlights, his reputation continues to resonate among former colleagues as well.

Speaking with CNN reporter Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday morning, Bannon’s former writing partner Julia Jones was on the show to discuss the inner mechanics of Bannon and what makes him tick. With Bannon’s ascension to a security committee that would normally be reserved for army generals, the morning show hosts sought to obtain a greater insight into the man who has been given an increasingly prominent role in Trump’s White House. Unsurprisingly, the interview soon turned to Bannon’s controversial and quite pointed remarks about war.

Jones started by stating that:

“Steve always tended to focus on military battles, his bible was The Art of War,”

Comerota then, rather logically, asked Jones:

“Why does he love war?”

Bannon’s ex-partner replied:

“You would have to ask him, he’s a man, I’m not,” Jones replied with a nervous laugh. “I think that Steve liked the strategy.”

From there it is a mystery. Jones froze up and uttered another few  words before disappearing from the studio in Boston where she had commenced the interview.

It is evident that Ms. Jones was not comfortable answering why her former writing partner and current senior presidential advisor was interested in war. And that is fair. Perhaps she regretted deciding to go on the show and didn’t want to speak in personal terms about a former colleague. However, it is also possible that Jones thought twice about disclosing personal insights about a man who has been described as ‘Machiavellian’ and a ‘bully’ by former Breitbart employeesOnly she knows for sure.

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